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Windcrane IoT wind speed data

Wind is one of the biggest contributors to construction downtime, particularly with operations at height. Using an anemometer and data logger to accurately measure wind speed will ensure you have the exact information needed to improve your operations site and provide evidence for weather delays.

WINDCRANE enables anyone involved in the project to see live, historical and forecast wind speed data directly from the height of a specific crane or location.

Accurate wind data enhances real-time crane planning and safety, productive lift scheduling, proficient operations management and provides a reliable reporting system for construction cranes.

More than ever, contractors and developers need to anticipate the impact of day to day weather and climate change on their operations.




Easily monitor all your projects remotely

Windcrane IoT Wind Management

Windcrane is an IoT based wind monitoring system which records wind speed from an exact location. Made especially for cranes, construction, offshore rigs, outdoor events, hoists, research and academia

  • Assisting with proof for weather claims and disputes due to downtime
  • Improving site safety with real-time LIVE wind speed alerts
  • Providing accurate and reliable constant wind data with cloud backup
  • HISTORICAL wind reporting available 24/7 for any time of the day
  • Increasing efficiency and planning with an exact location FORECAST
  • Works on any type of crane or construction site globally in the world

Your wind monitoring data is available 24/7 via any internet connected device and via the desktop dashboard.

Get the Windcrane app to start monitoring your wind remotely.

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Remote live wind speed data

Strong winds can swing suspended loads out of balance and radius, making the crane unstable. This has a major impact on site safety and if the operator feels that he cannot maintain control of the load, it should not be lifted.

To manage risk, the first step is knowing the exact wind conditions at all times. Using LIVE wind speed data which is accessible to everyone involved in the project you can manage your site safety accordingly.

Based on crane specifications, operators and project managers can then decide if a lift can proceed safely.

  • View real-time LIVE wind data and site information instantly with the online cloud software that is available 24/7 worldwide.
  • Manage all your wind monitoring systems on a single application giving you full control over your operation sites and cranes.


Safety wind warning gust alerts

Once the wind speeds goes over the threshold, the WINDCRANE App will notify you and your team:

  • Customised and unlimited wind speed warning notifications sent directly to any mobile phone

Improve the safety of your personnel, cranes and construction site with wind speed warning alerts specific to the location site.

2 Custom alerts thresholds:

Wind speed is above amber threshold but below red
Wind speed is above red threshold

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Wind speed 3 seconds refresh rate

The WINDCRANE Speedometer will show you the current wind speed every 3 seconds.

View the live wind speed remotely from your mobile phone or the sites office.






Historic wind data reports

Wind is the biggest cause of delays and downtime on a construction site and is becoming more erratic every year. Keep your colleagues and customers updated with reliable wind speed information.

Justify winded off periods due to harsh weather and avoid project penalties and disputes over delays.

  • Provide evidence for weather claims and Extension of Time [EoT] with visual daily and weekly wind speed reports.
  • Easily retrieve a detailed HISTORICAL wind data report for any date and time.
  • Download historical wind speed reports specific to cranes and projects.


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Stay one step ahead of the weather

Weekly wind forecast at height

Severe weather conditions can cause unexpected delays and add costs to major construction projects, having an accurate FORECAST allows you to make precise informed decisions to improve the productivity of your project and construction site.

Instead of using a forecast from a nearby weather station, get an exact wind forecast which uses the location of your Windcrane device. With the extra feature to calculate the wind speed at the precise height of your crane you will have one of most accurate wind forecasts on the market.

  • Minimise downtime and maximise output by planning your week ahead.
  • Find out which hours of the day are optimal for lifting and the times that will be difficult.
  • View potential total hours of downtime due to high and cautionary wind risk forecast.


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