• Max, Average, Standard deviation and turbulence intensity via mobile app
  • Wind forecasting per crane
  • Custom wind alerts
  • Screens of desktop chart with unlimited wind data historic backup
  • Fleet map management
  • Dashboard with alerts from desktop

What makes WINDCRANE different is the underlying technology.

Modern organisations operate across vast geographic distances while managing large volumes of data, and the technologies that add the most value are those that overcome these two barriers: gathering live data regardless of location, and managing huge amounts of raw information into useful formats for the operator.

WINDCRANE underlying technology has been developed by Logic Energy, a company with over a decade of experience measuring wind and weather conditions in very demanding environments like the Antarctica or Atakama desert. Under these environments, the system had to survive the extreme conditions for very long periods of time and also be able to operate independently of any infrastructure like electrical supply. WINDCRANE is able to operate from main grid electrical connection, batteries and solar powered.



  • Unlimited historical wind data backup online 24/7
  • User and fleet management
  • Internal Alerting dashboard system
  • Individual external site dashboard
  • Crane map
  • Recovery system, never lose your wind data
  • Global coverage
  • Automatic wind data transfer to WINDCRANE cloud


  • 67% of the sector have experienced cost due to weather in the last 3 years.
  • Typical cost of weather to companies ranges from £10,000 up to £1,000,000
  • Extreme weather was the most commonly cited reason for organisations activating BCM over the last 12 months, identified by 69 per cent of managers. (BCM Business Continuity Management)
  • Every year many accidents and millions of pounds of lost revenue occurs due to wind on construction sites.

Can you afford not to use the best wind monitoring system for your cranes and sites?