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Windcrane records the maximum and average wind speed. The data is collected and sampled every 1 second and produces the statistics within each 10 minutes window.

For example: 10 minutes = 600 seconds, each second is measured and the highest average and standard deviation wind speed of those 600 measurements are reported.

Wind speed is refreshed every 10 minutes on mobile app and web platform.

Anyone involved in the project can access live, historical and forecast wind speed data directly from the height of a specific crane or location.

The data is saved on our cloud platform and is available remotely at any time.

Wind Data Service Plan (WDSP) Includes:

  • 12 months subscription per Windcrane data logger

  • Worldwide network coverage and sim card

  • Manager portal to manage multiple projects and users access

  • Unlimited user accounts

  • Live wind speed dashboard

  • Live interactive wind graph

  • Mobile wind safety alerts - Custom amber and red thresholds settings

  • Windcrane Go mobile app and web platform

  • 24/7 cloud storage, local SD card log / backup and remote data recovery feature

Wind Data Reports

  • Daily Wind Report - Recorded maximum and average wind speed in 10 minute intervals

  • Weekly Historic Downtime Report - 1 hour intervals of the max wind speed for the passed week

  • Forecast at Height Planning Report - 1 hour intervals at chosen height

  • CSV / Excel Spreadsheet - Select any length of time period and export data in 10 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year intervals.

Service and Support:

  • Remote support from our technical team and for assistance with winded off claims

  • Assistance with your project and users access setup

  • Online tutorial meetings; designed to help your team and customers maximize the benefits of Windcrane

  • Contacting us is available through online meetings, phone calls, emails, or WhatsApp


Complies with IEC 61400 & BSI EN 13000 Standards.

WINDCRANE has an Accuracy of 0.007% and resolution of 0.01m/s.


Made especially for cranes, construction, offshore rigs, outdoor events, hoists, research and academia

Price on application – Please contact us.


Sean Small - Depot manager 19/02/2024

The service and support from WINDCRANE is exceptional. They consistently go above and beyond, demonstrating their dedication to helping customers with prompt assistance.
It's reassuring to know they're always there to provide reliable support whenever it's needed. You & team all do a great job for us @ Trident

Sean Small - Depot manager logo
PETER DRAVINS / Operations & Sales Manager 05/06/2022

Having crucial wind speed data from every crane and being able to easily share this with our customers has been very valuable on todays construction sites. Reporting winded off periods and accessing our wind data is fast and easy to use.

PETER DRAVINS / Operations & Sales Manager logo
Matthew Jones / Manager, Construction 05/06/2022

We need to be able to monitor wind speed and direction on the site, until we have grid power on sites. The units are very reliable. As far as data, the app and the website are very intuitive and pretty easy to use and set up.

Matthew Jones / Manager, Construction logo
Sean fucile / Engineer 01/03/2021

It’s important to LTC that we use the latest technologies on our cranes and Windcrane has proven to be a reliable system which continues to evolve and satisfy our wind data needs.
We can easily manage over 100 systems remotely via the windcrane platform, offering our customers remote access to this data too.

Sean fucile / Engineer logo
Rupert Cook / Associate Service Director 01/01/2021

The ability to access wind speed data from our large fleet of cranes is really important to us.
The Windcrane IoT remote data service gives us instant access to every crane on every site.
Wind gust alerts and detailed downloadable reports have been indispensable for our daily operations.

Rupert Cook / Associate Service Director logo

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