Data Logger Kit for Wind Monitoring on Crawler & Mobile Cranes

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The WINDCRANE Mini Jib End is designed specifically for crawler cranes and mobile cranes offering reliable evidence of wind conditions.

Windcrane Mini jib end kit includes:

  • Windcrane Mini data logger in IP67 rated case with built in worldwide connectivity and GPS module for the exact location

  • Anemometer on mount pole and pre-wired cable with M12 connector and U-bolt

  • Mounting clamps/ straps for the logger unit to be secured to the end of the crane jib

  • 12 months Wind Data Service to web interface and mobile app is included  

Available options:

  • S20 Anemometer with MEASNET calibration, supplied with a specific and unique calibration certificate from a recognised laboratory valid for 12 months from start of use. 

  • Information on the calibrated anemometers details.

Service and Support:

  • Remote support during fitting the device from our technical team; 

  • Assistance with your project and users access setup;

  • Online tutorial meetings; designed to help your team and customers maximize the benefits of Windcrane;

  • Technical support is always available through online meetings, phone calls, emails, or WhatsApp.

Wind Data Service:


Commonly used on mobile and crawler cranes:

Liebherr LG1750, LTM 1400 – 7.1, LTM 1250 – 6.1, LTM 1500, LTM 1750, Terex SL8300, Terex CC3800, DEMAG TC 2800, Demag AC1000. Additionally used on  Telehandler Manitou MRT 2550 and MRT 3570.

You can find more information at wind monitoring for crawler and mobile cranes.

Bespoke solutions catered for, please contact us with your requirements


Keefe Van Driessche, Operations manager 11/04/2023

Being able to monitor wind conditions remotely from my office seat is a huge plus as we mostly do wind farm installation. Real-time and historical wind speed provided with WINDCRANE wind monitoring is a game changer for us as all our project managers and customers work from the same wind data.

Keefe Van Driessche, Operations manager logo
Trevor Smith, Crane Operator at MAMMOET WIND 08/02/2023

Has made a big difference both in reliability and efficiency in collecting data, enabling us to record data for delays and downtime due to weather. Very easy to install and put to work. Was an absolute pleasure dealing with the sales/service team with outstanding service, support and effort. Much appreciated and will be purchasing another unit due to reliability and collection of data! Compliments to the Windcrane team

Robin Johannesson, heavy crane operator/rigger 06/02/2023

I like Windcrane logger a lot, works perfectly. Easy to navigate in the app or computer. Also easy to share a link with our site supervisors so they can see wind speed live and also back in time.

Robin Johannesson, heavy crane operator/rigger logo
Cezary Kowalski, Service Specialist 27/01/2023

We are happy with the service from Windcrane. Our cranes, such as the Liebherr LG 1750 are equipped with the Windcrane Jib End Kit and are actively involved in numerous wind turbine installations at various locations. The remote wind monitoring helps us with project planning, proving downtime and site safety.

Cezary Kowalski, Service Specialist logo
Jesús García Mallo, Co-founder & Corporate General Manager 13/06/2022

The ability to prove downtime and delays due to bad weather is very valuable to us. With remote access to the wind data we can improve our planning, safety and operations.

Jesús García Mallo, Co-founder & Corporate General Manager logo
Absaar Arshad, Install Field Engineer [EIT] 19/11/2021

Every subcontractor is really impressed on our site with these Windcrane systems.
Really useful to have these in the wind industry. They are working good in the cold as well.

David Laporte, Director Resource Analysis 24/10/2021

As a wind analyst I found using the Windcrane website and data very useful for determining whether or not installations should be rescheduled due to high winds. I would definitely recommend it. It’s the first time I’ve had remote access to wind data from a crane.

David  Laporte, Director Resource Analysis logo
Henry Blake, Country Manager 14/10/2021

The system has surprised us in terms of connectivity in some of our most remote wind farm sites.
We can rely on the Windcrane systems for consistent accurate wind speed data during our installations.

Henry Blake, Country Manager logo

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