Data Logger Kit for Wind Monitoring on Tower Cranes, Construction and Outdoor Events

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 Windcrane Mini is a small, compact and tough wind monitoring system for outdoor events and construction sites. 

Windcrane Mini kit includes:

  • Windcrane Mini data logger in IP67 rated case with built in worldwide connectivity

  • Anemometer on mount pole and pre-wired cable with M12 connector and U-bolt

  • Mains power supply

  • Heavy duty 40m cable with M12 connectors

  • 12 months Wind Data Service to web interface and mobile app is included  

Available options:

  • Incab display for inside the cabin, that refreshes the wind speed second-by-second for the cab driver. 

Service and Support:

  • Remote support during fitting the device from our technical team; 

  • Assistance with your project and users access setup;

  • Online tutorial meetings; designed to help your team and customers maximize the benefits of Windcrane;

  • Technical support is always available through online meetings, phone calls, emails, or WhatsApp.

Wind Data Service:



  • Tower cranes are a common fixture at any major construction site. All tower cranes should be fitted with a wind speed anemometer system to ensure safer work operations and assist with weather disputes using accurate crane height wind speed data. Commonly used on tower cranes models such as: Comansa 16LC260-12, Jost JTL 68.4s, Jaso J380PA, SAEZ SLH 190 and many others.

For more info on Tower Cranes monitoring, please visit our page company website.

  • Suitable for any Outdoor Event application providing highly accurate and reliable real-time wind monitoring. Commonly used on  Smartstages 180 ( 15m x 12m and 22m including PA wings that offers 180m² floor space & 202m² roof with 10m high. )

For more info on Outdoor Events wind monitoring, please visit our page company website.

  • The hardware can be mounted directly on Hoisting Equipment. The device is protected by an impact resistant and weatherproof IP67 enclosure, making it easier to install on the hoists over 150m height. Commonly used on passenger hoists, goods hoists for all situations.

For more info on the Hoist wind monitoring, please visit our page company website.


Itison Events 05/05/2023

With the reliability of our Windcrane wind monitoring system for both our major events in Glasgow during the winter months of 2022; GlasGLOW and Elfingrove, we realised it was a piece of essential equipment for the safety of our team and our customers.The data received went directly to us all including our client, project managers and technicians during the builds and throughout their duration, which ensured tight control on any safety risks and warnings. The safety of our customers is our first priority, and with these weather predictions it gave us more clarity to plan the events around high level winter weather conditions.

Itison Events logo
Mark Priestley, Director 22/07/2022

The kit and your service and back-up has been brilliant. The parts, cabling and connectors etc. have been through some tough conditions with assembly by our climbing riggers who are not technical specialists when it comes to this kind of kit. Temperatures from -30 C to +40C were experienced between during Events. We had no problems. When the systems needed re-programming, we had immediate support with software sent overnight.

Mark Priestley, Director logo
Peter Dravins, Director 01/06/2022

Having crucial wind speed data from every crane and being able to easily share this with our customers has been very valuable on todays construction sites. Reporting winded off periods and accessing our wind data is fast and easy to use.

Peter Dravins, Director logo
Chesney 07/12/2021

The WINDCRANE mini brings reassurance and peace of mind not only to us as the artists but also to our clients. The online monitoring and the app makes it easy for us to give access to the data to the people who need it. Production mangers for the event, on-site maintenance teams and the client's themselves can check the windspeed with a click of a button no matter where they are located. This ensure we all can react quickly if needed. Our requirements were simple, our team and customers needed to know what the wind speed was right now. Windcrane delivered it.

Steve Gibson 22/03/2019

We love the WINDCRANE system , so much better than what we have used previously.

Steve Gibson logo
Terraform 19/03/2019

We used the WINDCRANE mini to bring peace of mind to our clients. The online access and App made easy for us to give access to the wind data to the people who need it without having to be tied to a physical location or relying on word of mouth opinions.
Our requirements were simple, our team and customers needed to know what the wind speed was right now. Windcrane delivered it.

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