Data logger GSM Kit
Data logger GSM Kit Data logger GSM Kit Data logger GSM Kit Data logger GSM Kit Data logger GSM Kit

Data logger GSM Kit

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Windcrane GSM Datalogger can either use its own sensor or even use the existing crane sensor, making the installation a lot simpler than running cables.

Data is automatically sent every 10 minutes to the Windcrane web portal, a fully automated and managed remote cloud application.


Every Windcrane GSM Wind data logger comes with:


  • Fast data - GSM communications every 10 minutes
  • Set your own alert functions
  • Limit visits to site by monitoring battery, power supply, GSM and sensor status via remote web portal
  • Save time with the special quick Wind report function already installed on WIndcrane web portal
  • Power monitoring reports: help to determine how much power you need for generators
  • Temperature electricals monitoring (hot and cold) and Humidity electrical monitoring
  • Robust and long lasting due to very low power consumption
  • Keep a track of your sites via Geo map location


  • Internet GSM data logger
  • Power supply
  • When purchasing, please specify if you wish to have the sensor added.


  • Input Channels: Up to 2 crane anemometers simultaneously.
  • Data sampling rate: 1Hz according to IEC61400.
  • Data resolution: Better than 0.01mph, kph or m/s.
  • Live data: Every 10 minutes with full Average, Max and Turbulence.
  • Power supply: Supplied 12Vdc or 24Vdc Din rail.
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +50 °C.
  • Enclosure: DIN rail mounted, 9 module size.


Adam Váš - AG Transport 27/01/2023

The WINDCRANE unit installed on our crawler crane fulfils our and our clients’ requirements for a reliable, robust and easy-to-use wind monitoring system. The connectivity has been very good even in remote areas. We appreciate the simple dashboard accessible through the web or a mobile application, as well as the more detailed backend for administrative tasks. The benefits are clearly there – WINDCRANE helps us with planning and execution of lifting operations with highest safety standards!

SEAN FUCILE 13/06/2022

It’s important to LTC that we use the latest technologies on our cranes and Windcrane has proven to be a reliable system which continues to evolve and satisfy our wind data needs.
We can easily manage over 100 systems remotely via the windcrane platform, offering our customers remote access to this data too.

Constantin P. 20/05/2022

Windcrane, for me, as being in charge of all the lifting operations, and also, controlling and programming future lifting procedures, is a big asset. I can make adjustments and also, with the help of your forecast report, I can decide whether to proceed with the cranes bookings.

Peter D. 20/01/2022

Having crucial wind speed data from every crane and being able to easily share this with our customers has been very valuable on todays construction sites. Reporting winded off periods and accessing our wind data is fast and easy to use.

Falcon 20/10/2021

The ability to access wind speed data from our large fleet of cranes is really important to us.
The Windcrane IoT remote data service gives us instant access to every crane on every site.
Wind gust alerts and detailed downloadable reports have been indispensable for our daily operations.

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