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The Windcrane smart alarm audio visual warning system can be controlled remotely to detect and notify of harmful winds.

When wind speed thresholds are reached the siren and lights are triggered to notify anyone on site of dangerous wind speeds and gusts.

The magnetic mounting on the rubberised feet have a 30 kg total pull force making it strong and secure to attach to a structure.

  • The complete alarm box is rated IP65
  • For use with Windcrane GSM data logger, suitable for 12-24V supply
  • Rain and splash proof
  • The siren unit has loudness info as following : 95 dB(A) at 1 m proof
  • 3m long cable to connect to Windcrane device
  • Dimensions: 200x200x152 mm, 2.5 kg

The Windcrane logger and alarm box have 3 alarm states:

Wind speed is below the amber threshold
No lights or siren active

Wind speed is above amber threshold but below red
Amber light flashing

Wind speed is above red threshold
Red light flashing
Siren sounding (if switched on at alarm box)


Kevin Lowe, General Manager 02/03/2023

With the new software we are now able to disable the external visual and audible alarm when out of service remotely .

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