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The Measnet calibrated S20 anemometer is a high-accuracy wind speed sensor and comes with a specific and unique calibration certificate from a recognised laboratory.

This anemometer is commonly used with the Data Logger Kit for Wind Monitoring on Crawler & Mobile Cranes for wind turbine erection as it has a resolution to match the IEC-61400 standards for wind measurement and wind turbine performance analysis.

The anemometer is guaranteed to have an accuracy better than 1% and a resolution better than 0.1m/s. WINDCRANE is pre-configured to use the supplied anemometers calibration factors and ensures you have accurate wind readings to claim for winded off downtime and delays.


  • Anemometer is supplied on a 250mm pole with via tough, abrasion-resistant shielded 1,5m cable with rugged weatherproof M12 industrial connectors.
  • U-bolt clamp for mounting
  • Measnet calibration certificate (valid for 12 months from the installation date and first use of the anemometer)

Wind Data Service

  • When using anemometer with a WINDCRANE wind monitoring datalogger you will have access to accurate recorded calibrated wind speed data in 1 minute or 10 minute intervals.
  • Historical Wind Speed Records for Extension of Time and Claims


Electrical / Measurement

Sensor Tacho generator with rotating magnet.
Measurement range 0.75 - 50 m/s (3-180 km/h, 2-112 mph) (survival 90 m/s, 320 km/h, 200 mph)
1% nominal, ±0.1 m/s (5-25 m/s) or 1 km/h (3-15 km/h), consensus standard (MEASNET calibrated certificate included)
Power Passive sensor, no power required
Connection M12 4-pole male connector on pre-wired 1.5 m pigtail. Logger connection via M12 cable supplied separately.
Output Signal
Sine wave, 0.2-12 V peak-peak, 0-125 Hz Frequency linearly proportional to wind speed Speed m/s = 0.76 x Hz nominal (conversion from frequency signal to wind speed units is handled by WINDCRANE system)



Wind data recording solutions for crawler and mobile cranes and scientific research for wind projects and erecting wind turbines.

Installed on crane models such as Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1,Demag CC2800, Liebherr LG 1750, Liebherr LR1800, Demag CC 3800-1 and more.

Installed on the top a wind turbine nacelle for accurate wind measurments and scientific research.


Trevor Smith, Crane Operator at MAMMOET WIND 08/02/2023

Has made a big difference both in reliability and efficiency in collecting data, enabling us to record data for delays and downtime due to weather. Very easy to install and put to work. Was an absolute pleasure dealing with the sales/service team with outstanding service, support and effort. Much appreciated and will be purchasing another unit due to reliability of the calibrated sensor and collection of data! Compliments to the Windcrane team

Henry Blake, Country Manager 14/10/2021

The system has surprised us in terms of connectivity in some of our most remote wind farm sites.
We can rely on the Windcrane systems for consistent accurate wind speed data during our installations with these calibrated sensors.

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