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The Windcrane anemometer Q20-R is a rugged, high-accuracy wind speed sensor for use with the Windcrane wind monitoring system.

It is easy to install and provides reliable, accurate wind readings. The anemometer is guaranteed to have an accuracy better than 1% and a resolution better than 0.1m/s


  • Anemometer is supplied on a 250mm pole with via tough, abrasion-resistant shielded 1,5m cable with rugged weatherproof M12 industrial connectors.
  • U-bolt clamp for mounting

Wind Data Service

  • When using anemometer with a WINDCRANE wind monitoring datalogger you will have access to accurate recorded wind speed data in 1 minute or 10 minute intervals.
  • Historical Wind Speed Records for Extension of Time and Claims


Electrical / Measurement

Sensor Reed switch sensor and rotating magnet.
Measurement range 0.75 - 50 m/s (3-180 km/h, 2-112 mph) (survival 90 m/s, 320 km/h, 200 mph)
Accuracy 1% nominal, ±0.1 m/s (5-25 m/s) or 1 km/h (3-15 km/h), consensus standard 
Power Powered by data logger (max 24 V / 10 mA)
M12 4-pole male connector on pre-wired 1.5 m pigtail. Logger connection via M12 cable supplied separately.
Output Signal

Pulse frequency output proportional to wind speed.
Speed m/s = 0.382 x Hz
(conversion from frequency signal to wind speed units is handled by WINDCRANE system)


Nicky Jarrett, Towercrane Supervisor 24/03/2023

A valued, high tech piece of kit for the crane and construction sector.

Nicky Jarrett, Towercrane Supervisor logo
David Hall, Lifting Operations Manager 24/03/2023

Windcrane anemometer is standard equipment on any tower crane supplied to the project. We have weather stations all across the project that link into AI (artificial intelligence) using Windcrane data will further enhance the applications weather predictions giving us more clarity to plan works around high level weather events. This wind data is of great value to our work, and most importantly it ensures that we do not put our staff at risk.

David Hall, Lifting Operations Manager logo
Mark Priestley, Director 26/08/2022

The sensor, cabling and connectors have been through some tough conditions with assembly by our climbing riggers who are not technical specialists and we had no problems at all. Temperatures from -30 C to +40C were experienced between the two sets of events.

Mark Priestley, Director logo

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