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Crane Anemometer, Endurance by WINDCRANE

Tough anemometer for installing on cranes.

Crane and construction anemometers lead tough lives: not only do they have to survive tough weather conditions 24/7 but also, they need to survive rough handling. A typical crane anemometer will be handled together with other heavy tools a few times per year and most importantly they need to survive the really fast crane disassembly time when a construction project is finished. 

The Anemometer Endurance has been built with construction and the crane market in mind. Designed and assembled in Scotland, in of the most variable and windiest places on Earth to endure the heavy requirements of cranes and heavy lifting. To match its tough design, we have added a 2 year warranty! Something  rare when it comes to mechanical sensors. 

See the video where we try to destroy the sensor. 


This anemometer is compatible with WINDCRANE system and also works with most of dataloggers, PLCs and cranes. The anemometer uses a dry contact signal that can tolerate up to 24Vdc. Please check with us if you need more details.  


Download Anemometer Endurance by WINDCRANE Spec Sheet

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