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Research & Academia Environment Monitoring

Monitor weather environments with accuracy and precision

Research organisations and universities operate across vast geographic distances and as a result, have large volumes of weather data to manage.

The weather stations must often operate in remote and unmanned locations, exposed to the elements for several months or years. In addition to offering measurement quality, a scientific weather monitoring system must be capable of stand-alone operation during extended periods.

WINDCRANE has been made to sustain extreme wind and weather over several years in very demanding environments like the Antarctica or Atakama desert. A research project was also done in the Himalayas using WINDCRANE systems to discover how the local wildlife are able to cope with the brutal weather conditions.

WINDCRANE can gather live data regardless of location while providing information in a useful format for the end user.

WINDCRANE has been developed as a weather monitoring solution for high-accuracy applications - scientific research and wind power projects are two key examples. The organisations that have deployed WINDCRANE include NASA, and the list of research sites includes deserts to glaciers.

The WINDCRANE Max system is a fully weatherproof solar powered solution with the option of adding extra weather/power/energy sensors (temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, rain, solar radiation).

Your information is available 24/7 via the WINDCRANE Software platform.

We would love to discuss your project with you and offer the best solution for your weather monitoring.

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