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Portable Smart Anemometer - Tough Wind Speed Monitor for Construction and Cranes

The WINDCRANE portable sensor is designed specifically for wind measuring. It is a compact and tough wind monitoring box.

Site specific detailed live and historical wind speed records and reporting, shared in real time with your staff and customers - Can you afford not to have it?

  • 3 second wind speed reporting
  • Project and Operation managers work from the same wind data that crane driver and customers see. All current wind data is shared and connected across the project stakeholders.
  • Monitor wind remotely and ensure safety, even when no-one is on site.
  •  Data is transmitted in real time over the GSM network providing remote live access and instant notifications of dangerous wind speeds surrounding crane fleets.
  • It only takes 1 day of weather disputes to pay for WINDCRANE

WINDCRANE is an IEC-61400 compliant wind measurement data logger, built on over a decade experience measuring wind for the Wind Energy sector. Accurate, precise and automatic with zero maintenance required.

WINDCRANE comes with:

  • 3 years warranty
  • A solid constructed Smart Anemometer IR integrated with magnet bracket, IP rated PSU and 110Vac socket lead.
  • Inclusive of high impact protective travel case IP67
  • 1 year monitoring contract and web portal access included

If you have any question of doubts, please contact us or phone +441415856496, or we can always arrange a call-back to answer any questions you may have or even arrange a trial unit for your team. 

 PLEASE NOTE: This product has a lead time of 6 weeks. Please contact us for any questions. 

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