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Outdoor Events Weather Monitoring System

The safety of spectators and those taking part is of the utmost importance in any sort of outdoor event.

With the reliability of our Windcrane wind monitoring system for both our major events in Glasgow during the winter months of 2022; GlasGLOW and Elfingrove, we realised it was a piece of essential equipment for the safety of our team and our customers.The data received went directly to us all including our client, project managers and technicians during the builds and throughout their duration, which ensured tight control on any safety risks and warnings. The safety of our customers is our first priority, and with these weather predictions it gave us more clarity to plan the events around high level winter weather conditions.

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Our Windcrane Max system enables us to deliver our events safely and on time. Our stage is a big build and we need to know, for the safety of our team and of other contractors on site, what the weather will be over the days ahead so we can schedule other jobs if there is a chance to be winded off - it saves us money. The system is battery powered, so we are able to work on site without mains electricity giving us that step ahead.

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A massive amount of work goes into organising an outdoor gathering of any kind. If a lot of temporary structures have been erected over a large area, it will be impossible to predict the path and strength of the wind in key areas without the proper equipment.

  • Event organisers get real-time information of weather conditions. Live data gathered on-site provides a better basis to take decisions.
  • The WINDCRANE mobile application has programmable alerts, which can be installed by key personnel on their smartphones. If dangerous weather conditions are detected they can act immediately, preventing accidents or minimising the damage in case they occur.
  • If an event was cancelled due to bad weather, the data logged by WINDCRANE lets the organiser handle claims more effectively and avoid costly litigation with the data gathered.

WINDCRANE Mini is used if you have mains power on site and only need to measure wind speed.


WINDCRANE Max  is used if you need a fully weatherproof solar powered solution with the option of adding extra weather sensors (temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, rain, solar radiation).

Monitoring the wind accurately will help the outdoor event run smoothly without any unknown delays or accidents caused from weather.


Your information is available 24/7 via the WINDCRANE PRO mobile phone app and via the desktop dashboard


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