Offshore Rig Weather Monitoring

Improved safety with weather monitoring

Weather conditions play an essential part in the safe operation of jack-up vessels and other offshore platforms.

Sudden changes in weather and sea conditions make monitoring a critically important part of ensuring safety and maintaining an efficient operation.

With accurate wind data, the crew can get real-time information and warnings of wind conditions and dangerous wind gusts which provides a better basis to act immediately, preventing accidents or minimising the damage in case they occur.

The WINDCRANE LED in crane display refreshes wind speed every second providing information of current live wind speeds, it can easily be seen in daylight or at night with the adjustable back light. The in cab display can be safely attached to any metal structure and comes with an adjustable mount.

When high wind speeds occur and the team are not able to check mobile phones or the live wind speed display they need to know if the winds are potentially dangerous as this can have a major impact on their safety and work.

The WINDCRANE Audio Visual Warning System can be set up remotely to detect harmful winds and when the wind speed thresholds are reached the lights and siren will be triggered to notify anyone on ground or on site of the unsafe weather conditions. The alarm box is rain and splash proof, made with a tough metal and has an IP65 rating. The magnetic mounting on the rubberised feet have a 35 kg total pull force making it strong and secure to attach to a structure.

Understanding the wind and its behaviour is an essential need for safety at sea and access to reliable, accurate information from high-quality instruments is crucial to safe navigation.

An accurate wind forecast that is specific to the site and crane can ensure maximum operational time and reduce any risks for personal operating the crane.

WINDCRANE has been made to sustain extreme wind and weather over several years in very demanding environments while gathering live data regardless of location.

Please contact us and discuss your requirements.

Your information is available 24/7 via the WINDCRANE PRO mobile phone app and via the desktop dashboard fleet.windcrane.com.


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