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Tower Cranes

Wind data to justify downtime and increase safety

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Smarter planning for lifting operations and accurate data to justify downtime with remote live access to wind speed from your crane.

LIVE, HISTORICAL and FORECAST wind data specific to your site and crane, 24/7

The historical wind speed data logs can be accessed remotely via the live dashboard to back up any weather related downtime disputes.

WINDCRANE accurately measures wind gust, average wind speed and wind turbulence to IEC-61400 standards.

Your personnel will have access to wind speed safety notifications and custom alerts to ensure a safe working environment.

Optimise the productivity of your cranes safely and to regulations


WINDCRANE Mini Kit or Incrane

Tower cranes are a common fixture at any major construction site. All tower cranes should be fitted with a wind speed anemometer system to ensure safer work operations and assist with weather disputes using accurate crane height wind speed data.


The WINDCRANE Mini comes with a high impact case, making it strong enough to survive the construction environment.

Supplied with an anemometer, power supply, heavy duty cable and an optional convenient adjustable LED display, this system is most often used in tower cranes with the data logger and display situated in the cabin.


WINDCRANE InCrane integrates within the crane electrical system and can either use its own sensor or the existing crane sensor.

Additional sensor monitoring and customised options are available. This is an integrated solution and can be discussed further with our technical team.



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The WINDCRANE Mini wind monitoring system includes:

  • The wind data is available 24/7 via the Windcrane app or accessed (for full detailed data) via our cloud platform at the time of your subscription
  • Daily and Historical wind reporting
  • A solid constructed WINDCRANE Mini base unit containing cellular-connected data logger and power supply
  • Wind speed sensor (anemometer), MEASNET (optional) with mount pole and pre-wired cable
  • Tough and durable 40m cable with 2 x M12 waterproof connectors for fast assembly
  • LED display (optional) unit with strong magnets on its base so it can be attached safely to any metal structure and an adjustable support arm, so it can be mounted from the ceiling of the cabin or on top of equipment
  • A wired connection with constant stable communication
  • Effective and easy application for any internet connected device providing live, historical and forecast wind data
  • Excellent technical support

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WINDCRANE InCrane DIN mounted integrated device:

  • 24/7 wind data via the Windcrane app or via the cloud platform
  • Access to daily and weekly reports through the app; historical data through the portal
  • Optional additional sensors and accessories
  • A wired connection with constant stable communication
  • Effective and easy application for any internet-connected device providing live, historical and forecast wind data
  • Temperature electricals monitoring (hot and cold)
  • Humidity electrical monitoring that prevents faults
  • Power monitoring for the cranes' usage, can also help to determine how much power you need for generators etc
  • Full setup technical support

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