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Crawler and Mobile Cranes

Recent years have seen a rapid growth in the development of the wind energy industry.  
And the construction of wind farms need to keep up with the high demand, 
ensuring they are brought online quickly and safely.

All models of Mobile and Crawler Cranes, used in wind farm construction, can be installed with a WINDCRANE system to improve productivity and efficiency, ensure a safe environment and provide reports available to all stakeholders to back up any downtime due to the weather.


Wind Monitoring for Wind Turbine Installations

Maximise efficiency and operational time

Minimize your downtime and plan for maximum operational time with accurate crane height wind speed throughout your fleet with one platform.

Users can program wind speed notifications with custom alerts which ensure a safe working environment.

The WINDCRANE GSM data logger accurately measures wind gust, average wind speed and wind turbulence to IEC-61400 standards.

WINDCRANE systems can be installed on any model of crane, and is currently being used on these models of crawler and mobile cranes used in the wind energy sector:

Liebherr LTM 1400 – 7.1, LTM 1250 – 6.1, LTM 1500
 LTM 1750, LR1800, LG1750 and Terex SL8300, Terex CC3800, 
DEMAG TC 2800, Demag AC1000.



Liebherr LTM  1750

Demag Terex TC2800

View Our Testimonials

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The system has surprised us in terms of connectivity in some of our most remote wind farm sites.
We can rely on the Windcrane systems for consistent accurate wind speed data during our installations.

Blake Henry / Country Manager, Saudi Arabia

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We are happy with the service from Windcrane. Our cranes, such as the Liebherr LG 1750 are equipped with the Windcrane Jib End Kit and are actively involved in numerous wind turbine installations at various locations. The remote wind monitoring helps us with project planning, proving downtime and site safety.

Cezary Kowalski /Service Specialist, Poland



We are using Windcrane Max unit with a solar battery charger on the top of wind turbines at a height approx. 135 m. We need to be able to monitor wind speed and direction on the site, until we have grid power on sites. The units are very reliable. As far as data, the app and the website are very intuitive and pretty easy to use and set up.

Matthew Jones / Manager, Construction



Being able to monitor wind conditions remotely from my office seat is a huge plus as we mostly do wind farm installation. Real-time and historical wind speed provided with WINDCRANE wind monitoring is a game changer for us as all our project managers and customers work from the same wind data.

Keefe Van Driessche/ Operations manager



As a wind analyst I found using the windcrane website and data very useful for determining whether or not installations should be rescheduled due to high winds. I would definitely recommend it. It’s the first time I’ve had remote access to wind data from a crane.

DAVID LAPORTE / Renewable Energy Professional

Potentia Renewables.jpg


We are using Windcrane and our customers require your online report. They are really used and like to get it.

EMILIO MOLERO / Director de Operaciones

Potentia Renewables.jpg



WINDCRANE Trusted by Professionals

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Crane Monitoring in the Wind Energy Industry

  • The WINDCRANE Mini Jib End is designed specifically for crawler cranes and mobile cranes used in wind farm development. It is compact, tough and very easy to install.

  • Minimal amounts of power is used and is extremely energy efficient, connecting directly to the 24V power supply at the end of the jib/boom.

  • Site specific detailed live and historical wind speed records and reports, shared in real time with all stakeholders.  Wind farms are built in areas where wind is the important factor, these reports will ensure any down time in production due to the wind can be proved. 

  • Can interface to the crane anemometer, or use a separate calibrated anemometer for those elite wind energy projects. 

  • All stakeholders work from the same wind data; crane drivers, project managers and customers, ensuring their safety, even when no-one is on site.

  • Data transmitted in real time over GSM network providing remote live access and instant notifications of dangerous wind speeds surrounding crane fleets.


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Reduce weather disputes and plan your week ahead

Site specific crane historical and forecast wind data reports

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Find out more

WINDCRANE Mini Jib End is an IEC-61400 compliant wind measurement data logger, built on over a decade experience measuring wind for the Wind Energy sector. Accurate, precise and automatic with zero maintenance required, an essential component for wind farm development.

WINDCRANE Mini Jib End comes with:

WINDCRANE IoT wind management service

  • Effective and easy application for any internet connected device
  • Detailed site specific LIVE, HISTORICAL and FORECAST wind data
  • Wind speeds reports per crane and project with 24/7 backup
  • Hourly and Daily wind forecast at crane height for better planning
  • Worldwide connectivity
  • Excellent technical support


  • A solid constructed WINDCRANE Mini base unit containing cellular-connected data logger
  • Anemometer sensor, MEASNET (optional) with mount pole 
  • and pre-wired cable
  • Mounting clamps/ straps for the logger unit to be secured to the 
  • end of the crane jib

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