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Large scale construction projects need WINDCRANE tools

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  1. Check winded off time with real crane specific wind data from your computer or mobile real time. Daily and weekly wind reports Crane specific accurate wind speed to avoid downtime disputes.
  2. Wind speed forecast specific to the site cranes for a week. Plan ahead lifting tasks and avoid potential weather disputes by planning your lifting schedule, deliveries & maintenance more effectively.
  3. Diurnal wind speed forecast and potential hours of lifting time for the full week ahead.
  4. Refresh your wind speed forecast as many times as you need for any crane. Unlimited usage and users. Share WINDCRANE

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The ability to access wind speed data from our large fleet of cranes is really important to us.
The Windcrane IoT remote data service gives us instant access to every crane on every site.
Wind gust alerts and detailed downloadable reports have been indispensable for our daily operations.

RUPERT COOK / Associate Service Director

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The system has surprised us in terms of connectivity in some of our most remote wind farm sites.
We can rely on the Windcrane systems for consistent accurate wind speed data during our installations.

BLAKE HENRY / Country Manager

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We needed a reliable remote wind monitoring system which we can monitor from our offices. The equipment is installed on a 100m high tower crane to monitor wind speeds on large constructions projects in Malta. Overall, I am very satisfied with you product and service! Well done and thank you






Having crucial wind speed data from every crane and being able to easily share this with our customers has been very valuable on todays construction sites. Reporting winded off periods and accessing our wind data is fast and easy to use.

PETER DRAVINS / Operations & Sales Manager

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As a wind analyst I found using the windcrane website and data very useful for determining whether or not installations should be rescheduled due to high winds. I would definitely recommend it. It’s the first time I’ve had remote access to wind data from a crane.

DAVID LAPORTE / Renewable Energy Professional

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A valued, high tech piece of kit for the crane and construction sector.

NICKY JARRETT / Tower Crane Supervisor

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It’s important to LTC that we use the latest technologies on our cranes and Windcrane has proven to be a reliable system which continues to evolve and satisfy our wind data needs.
We can easily manage over 100 systems remotely via the windcrane platform, offering our customers remote access to this data too.

SEAN FUCILE / Engineer

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Every subcontractor is really impressed on our site with these Windcrane systems.
Really useful to have these in the wind industry. They are working good in the cold as well.

ABSAAR ARSHAD / Field Engineer

WIND 1000

The ability to prove downtime and delays due to bad weather is very valuable to us. With remote access to the wind data we can improve our planning, safety and operations.

JESUS GARCIA / Co-founder & Corporate General Manager



Ideal for construction, great product.
We love the WINDCRANE system, so much better than what we have used previously.

S. GIBSON / Operations Manager

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We use Windcrane because it has the capability of equipment that meets our needs - for reliable use in remote locations anywhere in the World.
The 3G connection, recording of information on a central server and ability to access via PC or mobile device anywhere in the world is very important for us in terms of monitoring our tower structures and cable camera systems at winter and summer sporting events.
The ability to use solar energy to power systems enables use in very remote locations.
We use the WINDCRANE systems for basic safety monitoring of our tower structures from our UK base – the main role.
Also for local operational information when the cable camera systems are installed – live monitoring of wind speed and temperature at the tower site for example.
We also use the systems on other temporary event structures where wind speed is a major safety factor.


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Got it on our cranes. Superb bit of kit for AP's.

D. MOORE / Appointed Person

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Having worked at large-scale public venues such as Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium and others, we can reassure our clients that we are capable of delivering the wind management plan and tightly control any wind related risks.
It sets us apart from our competitors.

ROY STRICKLAND / Managing Director

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We are very satisfied with your product.

S. GÜRSU / Operations Director

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The WINDCRANE mini brings reassurance and peace of mind not only to us as the artists but also to our clients. The online monitoring and the app makes it easy for us to give access to the data to the people who need it. Production mangers for the event, on-site maintenance teams and the client's themselves can check the windspeed with a click of a button no matter where they are located. This ensure we all can react quickly if needed. Our requirements were simple, our team and customers needed to know what the wind speed was right now. Windcrane delivered it.


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Three months and they haven't skipped a beat. We are harvesting data from these and other monitors right now and these are honestly the least bothersome of all of them, and your website records with no data glitches over time.

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WindCrane has been a significant useful addition to HTC Wolffkran and, with over one hundred of these recorders in our hire fleet, we continue to look for additional benefits to provide to our valued customer base.

HTC wolffkran.png


Again we express our gratitude for all the support you have given us.


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We are using Windcrane Max unit with a solar battery charger on the top of wind turbines at a height approx. 135 m. We need to be able to monitor wind speed and direction on the site, until we have grid power on sites. The units are very reliable. As far as data, the app and the website are very intuitive and pretty easy to use and set up.

Matthew Jones / Manager, Construction




The systems are working great. It is a great help, both for us and for our customers, who are as satisfied with the operation of the system as we are.

Grzegorz Knapiński / Manager




Windcrane, for me, as being in charge of all the lifting operations, and also, controlling and programming future lifting procedures, is a big asset. I can make adjustments and also, with the help of your forecast report, I can decide whether to proceed with the cranes bookings.

Constantin Pascarus/ Appointed Person




Windcrane Max system is working as we hoped. We got all the information we needed for our snowmaking system. We had very cold condition with wind and snow, but it worked very well. Also the pv panel works very well.

Michael Huber/ Manager



Windcrane is an excellent tool on gathering information on high wind risks days, planning lifting operations and obtaining accurate instant notifications.

Anthony James/ Lead Appointed Person



The purpose of the investment of Windcrane Max some years ago was to get real-time wind speed data to log peak at the point of damage to EWI, thereby informing any insurance claim or litigation. However it also has a great use case in terms of H&S and other planning.

Colin Reid/ Carbon reduction and sustainability Manager



Windcrane anemometer is standard equipment on any tower crane supplied to the project. We have weather stations all across the project that link into AI (artificial intelligence) using Windcrane data will further enhance the applications weather predictions giving us more clarity to plan works around high level weather events. This wind data is of great value to our work, and most importantly it ensures that we do not put our staff at risk.

David Hall / Lifting Manager



Barfoots would like to explore a possibility of installation of wind turbines on sites. I’m exited to see the wealth of data Barfoots can use for the project – your kit and service is brilliant!

Alex Semenyuk / AD Plant Manager



We are happy with the service from Windcrane. Our cranes, such as the Liebherr LG 1750 are equipped with the Windcrane Jib End Kit and are actively involved in numerous wind turbine installations at various locations. The remote wind monitoring helps us with project planning, proving downtime and site safety.

Cezary Kowalski /Service Specialist



The WINDCRANE unit installed on our crawler crane fulfils our and our clients’ requirements for a reliable, robust and easy-to-use wind monitoring system. The connectivity has been very good even in remote areas. We appreciate the simple dashboard accessible through the web or a mobile application, as well as the more detailed backend for administrative tasks. The benefits are clearly there – WINDCRANE helps us with the planning and execution of lifting operations with the highest safety standards!

Adam Váš / Technical director


Dragonfly Consulting

We use Windcrane products to log wind speeds and directions from a wind vane and anemometer attached to a 10m mast as well as collecting concurrent rain data for use as part of wind turbine noise impact assessments. Being able to access and download historic data remotely at any time is an incredible benefit for us. This data, along with noise levels recorded at the nearest Noise Sensitive Receptors, enable us to carry out Noise Impact Assessments of wind turbines using the guidance in ETSU-R-97 - Assessment & Rating of Noise from Wind Farms, in order to aid our clients in situations such as supporting planning applications for new wind turbine developments.

Sam Garside/ Operations Manager


Titan Group of Companies

Whenever we receive a site request, we have WINDCRANE wind data monitoring on hand. Construction companies really value this and it is usually a big hit with tier-on builders like Lendlease and CPB.

Mark Pickard | Workshop Manager | Titan Group



I’m very pleased that we bought Windcrane systems; they are working brilliantly and providing far better information that is ready to hand that has been very useful recently with the high winds experienced. This is far more than we ever had before or could have hoped for. Well done and thank you.

Johnathan Ridsdale / Engineering Manager



Being able to monitor wind conditions remotely from my office seat is a huge plus as we mostly do wind farm installation. Real-time and historical wind speed provided with WINDCRANE wind monitoring is a game changer for us as all our project managers and customers work from the same wind data.

Keefe Van Driessche/ Operations manager



With the reliability of our Windcrane wind monitoring system for both our major events in Glasgow during the winter months of 2022; GlasGLOW and Elfingrove, we realised it was a piece of essential equipment for the safety of our team and our customers.The data received went directly to us all including our client, project managers and technicians during the builds and throughout their duration, which ensured tight control on any safety risks and warnings. The safety of our customers is our first priority, and with these weather predictions it gave us more clarity to plan the events around high level winter weather conditions.



The accurate and reliable wind speed data is crucial for our lifting operations at Hinkley Point. With Windcrane’s system, we have access to past, real-time, and forecast wind data along with the user-friendly interface. This has greatly enhanced our ability to make informed decisions and optimize our operations accordingly.

João Cavaco/ Technical Engineer



To have a system on site whilst building stage and production that monitors wind without mains electricity is greatly beneficial to us. With the Windcrane Max we can plan ahead and ensure the time we are on site is used efficiently and with less risk. The data sends immediate notifications of high winds to myself and key others - production manager, technician and also our direct clients wherever they are onsite through the phone app ensuring tight safety controls are adhered to.

Tom Burgum - Operations Manager 


Flamingo Land Resort

Safety on our rides is key, and to be able to source robust, accurate sensors which are compatible with our own systems has been extremely beneficial. The installation of the Endurance wind monitoring sensor has enabled us to detect dangerous conditions and react quickly and efficiently ensuring the safety of our visitors, and effectively control wind related risks.

James Mulryan, IT Engineer



Our Windcrane Max system enables us to deliver our events safely and on time. Our stage is a big build and we need to know, for the safety of our team and of other contractors on site, what the weather will be over the days ahead so we can schedule other jobs if there is a chance to be winded off - it saves us money. The system is battery powered, so we are able to work on site without mains electricity giving us that step ahead.

Victor Wright, Director



I had the pleasure of using Windcrane through Sarens on a wind farm project in Poland. As an Installation Supervisor, I utilized Windcrane in practical scenarios, and it proved to be an incredibly enjoyable tool. In our line of work, we need to plan crane activities based on wind forecasts, as well as real-time crane readings and their trends.

Slawomir Lowczynowski, Installation Supervisor


Cranes Winded off ?

Back it up with real wind speed from the crane
Windcrane Weekly Historical Report Mockup.png

On large construction projects, it is very common that cranes will need to stop the lifting
operation due to wind and bad weather. This often results in disputes on job delays
between the construction company, developers, crane operators and contractors.

WINDCRANE solves this by centralising Live and historical wind data from the crane. The
information is accessible to everyone involved in the project and in real time.


Plan lifting operations and schedules

Detailed site specific wind speed data and forecast

Windcrane Weekly Forecast Report.png

When planning daily and weekly lifting operations, detailed wind forecasts for your cranes and site are essential.

Find out which hours of the day are optimal for lifting and which days will be difficult due to a
forecast for high wind speeds on site.

WINDCRANE gives detailed hourly wind forecast specific to your crane or construction site every day as often as you need



What time of the day is best for certain lifts?

The WINDCRANE data allows you to look at the windiest times of the day/month/year on a specific site and plan your lifting schedule, deliveries, maintenance much more efficiently. ​

An hour by hour colour coded wind forecast provides a quick view of potential timeframe of unsafe wind on site. ​

WINDCRANE forecast is updated hour by hour and you can request as many reports as you need every day for every crane.





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