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How accurate is WINDCRANE?

WINDCRANE is designed to comply with the IEC-61400, which are the specs for wind turbine standards.

Why the IEC-61400? Because they have one of the highest standards for measuring wind speed on and off site. These are better than 1% accuracy and a resolution better than 0.1m/s, also data should be sampled at least at 1Hz.

WINDCRANE accuracy is better than 0.001% for its wind speed input sensors at low wind speeds and better than 0.007% accurate for high wind speeds.

How is the wind speed calculated?

The wind speed records the maximum, average and standard deviation within the last 10 minutes time window.

The data is collected and sampled every 1 second and produces the statistics within each 10 minutes window.

For example: 10 minutes = 600 seconds, each second is measured and the highest, average and standard deviation wind speed of those 600 measurements are reported.

How frequently does the wind data refresh?

Wind speed data is refreshed every 10 minutes with the average wind speed, maximum ever wind speed within the 10 minutes and wind turbulence intensity.

The incab display unit will refresh the wind speed second-by-second.

Available on request:

What is the difference between average wind speed and maximum wind speed?

Average wind speed is the mean average during a 10 minutes period.

Maximum wind speed is the maximum wind speed ever recorded within 1 second during the 10 minutes period.

Why maximum, average and standard deviation? These provide an accurate profile of the wind at the site and with these we are able to calculate the turbulence intensity which is what usually causes damages and disruption to operations.

How to download historical wind data

1. Login to your fleet dashboard here:
2. Find the device you want to generate a report for and click the left side to open the menu
3. Select Weekly report
4. Click the calendar icon and select the week you need data for
5. The weekly report is generated to view online, you can hover over parts of the report to view wind speeds and times of the day

6. Update the Red and Amber thresholds if required
7. Select the printer icon on the top right corner to download, share and export the historical wind speed reports specific to cranes and projects with your colleagues and customers.





How to add more than one WINDCRANE system to my fleet dashboard?

To protect the data and privacy of our customers, you will need to log into the App to be able to add more devices. The good thing is that the list of devices is linked to your account and you will be able to access it every time you log in, regardless of the mobile device or computer you use.

If you do not have a WINDCRANE account, please request one to your crane provider, they will be able to assist with it. Or alternatively, send us and email with the IMEI number, project name/location and crane company and we will do it for you.

Can I set up alerts that tell me when the wind speed is over a certain level?

Yes, you can have colour coded email alerts and push notifications to your mobile phone with the WINDCRANE App.

  • Green = Safe
  • Amber = Cautionary
  • Red = Danger

How to setup mobile phone notifications for high wind speeds

For how long can solar powered Windcrane Max can operate on the battery only ?

The Windcrane Max logger system does include a rechargeable battery, and the system is usually powered from a solar panel. This is the basic estimation of the battery life, as the consumption depends on the WINDCRANE's network mobile conditions and the charging rate/time depends on how low the battery is.

Here are the estimates:

  • Battery run time from fully charged = approx 15 days (WINDCRANE logger/telemetry only. Alarm/display are not powered from battery)
  • Minimum charging time to maintain battery = min 4 hours every 14 days on average (and ideally as much as possible)
  • Time to completely charge battery from flat = 6 hours


The data logger reports the battery voltage and our system can send you a low battery email alert to warn you when it's very low and not being charged. This will allow you to check the system and or replace the battery if needed.

Can I measure wind speed in mph, knots, m/s or km/h?

Yes WINDCRANE can measure wind speed in miles per hour (mph), knots (kn), meters per second (m/s) and kilometre per hour (km/h)

You can contact support if you need to update your wind speed metric.

How do you power the WINDCRANE system?

These are the following power options:

  • Electrical mains powered (WINDCRANE mini & max)
  • Jib 24Vdc power air traffic light (WINDCRANE mini only)
  • Solar battery powered (WINDCRANE max only)

Do I need a SIM card with data service or is that included?

The system is supplied inclusive of a SIM card and communication. All you need to do is install and power it up and it will start transmitting the data.

What technical support is available?

There is technical support available from the windcrane team via the following email address:

For urgent queries, contact us via WhatsApp: +44 (0)7444 159463

How many user accounts can I have?

Currently an unlimited amount of user accounts can be created for you and your customers.
Permissions can be setup per user to control how much access you want to give to your data.

How does the WINDCRANE system communicate?

The WINDCRANE data logger uses built in GSM communication to transfer information via the online network to our cloud software platform and mobile app.

Which software can we work with? Excel?

WINDCRANE provides downloadable daily, weekly historical and forecast wind reports in PDF format.

Historical wind data can also be downloaded in Exel format and for extended periods of time.

You access your data via the online portal or mobile app.

How much is the online cloud data service?

2022 Rates - £388.00 per 12 months wind data service with a standard 10 minutes refresh rate.

Please contact us if you require 1 minute wind data refresh or 3 seconds refresh wind speedometer.

Crane feets with over 100 WINDCRANE systems discounted pricing is applied.

Windcrane Sensor Information


How many sensors can I connect to a WINDCRANE system?

WINDCRANE Mini can use 1 wind speed sensor.

WINDCRANE Incrane or Max can use 4 wind speed sensors, 2 wind directions and 8 other generic sensors such as Temperature, power usage and rain gauge.

Click for full specifications

How long is the cable between the sensor and data logger?

Together the cable is about 3m in length.

There is a 1,5m pigtail cable with M12 connector connected to the sensor and a 1,5m pigtail cable with M12 connector connected to the data logger.

Can your datalogger GSM unit be connected to an original Liebherr anemometer?

Yes,  please contact us to show you the wiring setup. If you can confirm crane model and share any electrical schematics you have, we can also confirm its installation for you.

Can I connect other weather sensors? If so, how many?

The WINDCRANE Max can connect up to a total of 14 sensors. 4 of these wind speed and 2 wind direction.

Additional sensor inputs available for power consumption, temperature, humidity and rain.

What is the maximum length of cable you should use?

It depends on the cable used and the environment it is going to work with. In general we do not advise more than 100 meters without checking with us first. Cable must be supplied by WINDCRANE.

Can I get a wind speed anemometer calibrated?

Generic sensors are randomly checked for accuracy, however no report is generated.

Calibrated Anemometer means that the anemometer is guaranteed to have an accuracy better than 1% and a resolution better than 0.1m/s and comes with a specific and unique calibration certificate from a recognised laboratory.

If you require a calibration certificate, please request this before ordering.

How long is the anemometer calibration certificate valid?

The anemometer itself can be supplied with a Measnet calibration certificate.
The wind energy sector usually requires this.
The certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of first use.
After its expiry, can the anemometer itself be calibrated again? It is possible to re-calibrate but you may find after one year on a crane that the anemometer has suffered a lot of wear and tear. The cost and time to send said anemometer to the laboratory is normally more than the purchase of a new anemometer unit.

Windcrane Warranty


What is the warranty of WINDCRANE?

WINDCRANE has a 3 years warranty

Sensors are provided by a external supplier to us and they come with the standard 1 year warranty.



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