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WINDCRANE has been developed by Logic Energy, a company with over a decade experience delivering weather and energy monitoring systems for businesses.

Logic Energy’s core specialisation is two-fold: Power efficient remote data loggers and Cloud Software and data aggregation.
This gives WINDCRANE the edge of a fully tried and tested end to end system from the remote units collecting data to the data archival and presentation on the cloud web platform and mobile Apps.

Logic Energy is based in Scotland, one of the windiest places in the world. The origins of the company go back to the Wind Energy industry where we supplied systems to collect wind data over a few years before a wind farm was created. The many challenges we faced of collecting wind data in remote areas such as weak GSM signal, no electrical power and extreme weather from sub zero to heatwave have resulted in a very reliable and robust system, ready for anything.


If you require a white label solution with your own brand and technical requirements we can help. We have customised our systems for interfacing with wind turbine controllers, supervising pumps and even monitor full NGOs off grid campuses in the 3rd world.

We offer a range of OEM services to:

Manufacturers who wish to integrate precise monitoring and control
Connect or Integrate our wind monitoring hardware to your own software or a cloud to cloud connection
Require a mature and reliable hardware device for monitoring wind, pressure, power, voltage, battery etc
Advice and expertise with any wind monitoring topic