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Weather monitoring systems are available in many configurations, but what makes WINDCRANE different is the underlying technology.

Modern organisations operate across vast geographic distances and as a result, have large volumes of weather data to manage. The technologies that add the most value are those that overcome two key barriers:

  • Gathering live data regardless of location.
  • Crunching huge amounts of raw information into useful formats for the end user.

The smart data platform used by WINDCRANE has been developed by Logic Energy, who has more than a decade of experience in demanding industrial sectors such as energy, construction, and transportation. The system was first developed in 2007 and it has been evolving ever since. Logic Energy has been building upon the best practices that have proven effective in past projects.


windcrane_spread_small.pngSmart data technology by Logic Energy comes with two distinct advantages. Firstly, the system has been developed in-house. As a result, the system is free from binding agreements with specific equipment suppliers. Therefore, creating a versatile system that is compatible with almost any piece of hardware. In addition to providing design freedom in new projects, this feature simplifies integration with existing monitoring platforms.

Furthermore, the Logic Energy platform also offers front-end flexibility to configure the user dashboard. The user interface can be set as a view-only public display or as an interactive control panel for authorised personnel. It can also be configured in different formats for any device including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, the data complexity of Logic Energy displays can be adapted for specific audiences, from primary school students to senior engineers.

Logic Energy has a successful track record with a variety of clients including residential, business, institutional, education, and NGOs. The ability to fine-tune the dashboard to meet individual needs means that the technology can be used at any project scale. From monitoring an individual household to a complete power distribution grid.

Lack of energy infrastructure is not an issue when deploying WINDCRANE as the unit can be fitted with a solar-powered battery charger. In addition, WINDCRANE has a weatherproof enclosure that can tolerate dust, heavy rainfall, and extreme temperatures. This has enabled the technology to be deployed to a range of locations from the Atacama Desert to Antarctica.


WINDCRANE benefits from the connectivity features that are built into all Logic Energy monitoringsystems: global coverage with a GSM/GPRS quad-band module and cloud-based data storage. Therefore, you will always have access to live data and a cloud backup that updates at regular intervals, regardless of where your installation is located. Additionally, the smartphone integration allows key staff members to access live data anywhere.

The built-in connectivity features enable Logic Energy to manage thousands of devices across the world from their HQ in Glasgow. Other than the UK, the platform is currently operating in Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, USA, Denmark, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Japan, Austria, and Antarctica.




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