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What Is Wind Turbulence?

Think about chaotic movement, the unstable flow of wind… this is what wind turbulence is. If you’re still not clear, remember the last time you were on an aeroplane and there was turbulence. It’s not a nice experience.

Why Is Wind Turbulence So Important In Construction?

cranedown_large.jpgIt’s very simple, assume your hands and arms are the wind, and a small bar of metal is a crane. Now try to bend it applying continuous force, you will probably bend it (unless the metal bar was too big to start with!). But it is very unlikely that the bar would snap. This is a continuous and steady flow of wind.

Now bend the metal back and forwards, you will see what happens very quickly, the metal will snap in half (eventually). This is wind turbulence for you, a chaotic pushing and pulling by the wind on any structure and that is what it makes it dangerous.

In some of the windiest places in the world, for example, in locations where you might see wind turbines. Projects are often stopped because the flow of wind can eventually break a structure.

Measure Wind Turbulence With WINDCRANE

Windcrane_App-1.jpgOther than offering high performance, WINDCRANE is a plug-and-play solution. The kit enables you to deploy many units with just a few clicks.

WINDCRANE is the best weather monitoring solution on the market and the device includes measurement for wind turbulence.

The WINDCRANE system is complemented by an intuitive mobile application. The app provides a real-time snapshot of weather conditions and warnings when the weather becomes dangerous.

WINDCRANE is brought to you by Logic Energy, an industry leader in weather and energy monitoring. Logic Energy has more than a decade of experience in monitoring and smart data solutions for live weather monitoring.

Do you need to measure and record wind speed? 

Windcrane has compiled various kits depending on your project application, visit:

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