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5 Features You Need for Effective Weather Monitoring

The inconsistent nature of the weather is a challenge for any business with outdoor operations.
For example, when managing a construction site and operating tower cranes or any other heavy lifting equipment like crawler cranes.

These are 5 key features to help effectively monitor weather conditions for your business:

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1 - Tough Construction

When operating outdoors with direct exposure to weather, you need to have a tough construction that is dustproof, waterproof and corrosion proof.

  • Depending on the location you can experience a range from freezing temperatures to dry desert heat.
  • Windblown dust, rain and moisture can damage electronic components if it reaches them.

To face these conditions, a monitoring system like WINDCRANE Max is super tough and waterproof with an IP 67 rating - which is dustproof and raintight. You can connect multiple different sensors for monitoring almost anything from weather stations to energy, water level, pressure sensor...

The WINDRANE Mini is a smaller version which is compact and tough. It is often used in tower cranes where its installation is very easy and because it comes with a high impact case it will survive the construction environment.

All system components are contained in the enclosure and factory-wired, making it a plug-and-play device. A weather monitoring system like WINDCRANE that is ready to use under tough conditions is well suited for crane activities with direct exposure to weather.

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2 - Cloud Connectivity

In any outdoor operation, such as construction sites or events, weather monitors are often out of reach and remote access to the information is essential for planning. Having cloud connectivity allows access to data at any time, without running out of space.

  • GSM technology offers worldwide coverage, making it a great option for remote monitoring.
  • If connectivity is lost temporarily due to harsh weather or other conditions, the logged data remains available.

WINDCRANE uses GSM connectivity with automatic upload to the web portal every 10 minutes, ensuring that measured data is available regardless of the project location or weather conditions. This helps construction and project managers who must keep track of several sites and know the weather conditions in all of them simultaneously.

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3 - Accuracy and Precision

When planning daily and weekly operations accurate and precise information is crucial to ensure maximum productivity.

  • Accuracy describes the closeness between a measurement and the real value being measured.
  • Precision describes the closeness between several measurements.

Due to the importance of accurate data, all WINDCRANE systems are designed to meet the wind standards under IEC-61400 with a resolution better than 0.01m/s and accuracy better than 0.007%. The unit can track wind conditions accurately at several crane heights with a crane height selector tool and send notifications when the weather becomes dangerous.

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4 - Compatibility and Convenience

Effective weather monitoring requires compatibility and user-friendly features:

  • Working with a variety of industry sensors and being accessible with any smartphone or device, at the exact time that you need it.
  • The user interface must also be intuitive and self-explanatory to be useful and convenient for professionals who are not weather experts.

WINDCRANE measurements and functions can be accessed from a mobile application, which means there is no need to learn new software. Project managers can check weather conditions for multiple sites saving time and becoming more productive.

Users can log in from any device with connectivity: smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

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5 - Reliability and Consistency

Disputes on job delays with outdoor operations can be a challenge with any business, that is why having a weather monitoring system that uses the best quality parts for durability and has consistent reliable information is extremely important.

  • Using experienced weather monitoring systems that have been tested and proven to give the best results.
  • Use reliable software like GSM technology that will run 24/ 7 without connectivity problems.

Make better decisions with a tough weather monitoring system like WINDCRANE that has over a decade of experience. Stay connected and in control of your business with reliable accurate access to live wind speed measurements, historical data and forecasts anywhere in the world.

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