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Remote Wind Speed Systems for Ainscough

Case Study - Ainscough Crane Hire

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The WINDCRANE wind monitoring system is an invaluable new way for companies to record data for weather conditions:Ainscough windcrane case study 01.png

  • Information is accurate and reliable.
  • Data is available via mobile phone app, tablet and laptop.
  • Data is safely archived and time/date stamped.

Ainscough’s continual investment in cutting-edge technology gives them, and their customers, a
greater understanding of the effects of weather on site - essential for safeguarding everyone involved
in a project.

“Now that we have experienced the benefits of WindCrane, we intend to promote the system at all opportunities. My next project involves installing 30 turbines and we will use WindCrane to benefit operators, Ainscough and customers alike.” - Ainscough

When time means money, both customers and staff benefit from these time-saving devices.

An Ainscough senior site manager, says: “I’m impressed. Other older systems are timeconsuming - often taking 2-3 hours to give me the data that WindCrane can produce in 2-3 minutes.”

While his cranes may be sited at opposite ends of the country, the site manager can instantly monitor what
is happening from his own office and the alerts he receives via mobile phone allow for enhanced

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