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Wind Station Recorder for HTC Wolffkran

''WINDCRANE has been a significant useful addition to HTC Wolffkran and, with over one hundred of these recorders in our hire fleet, we continue to look for additional benefits to provide to our valued customer base.''
- HTC Wolffkran -

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The WINDCRANE wind station recorder is an invaluable tool that can save contractors thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pounds.

Recognising the advantages of WINDCRANE to their contract hirers, HTC Wolffkran has pioneered the introduction of these advanced remote wind speed systems as an optional service.

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The WINDCRANE wind station recorder:

  • Provides quantifiable and shareable wind information - mitigating against contract penalties for project delays due to downtime for adverse weather.
  • Uses Plug and Play technology which means there’s no need for specialist installation services or technical support, leaving the customer free of additional burden.

WINDCRANE offers additional advantages:

  • Live maximum wind speed data with total accessibility - on site and in the office - which helps minimise downtime
  • Instant alerts via mobile phones and computers to allow enhanced decision making processes, particularly in the area of health and safety.

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