How to Run Your Weather Management from Your Phone with a Wind Speed App

Do you rely on slow data to make weather and wind decisions? If you’re in the construction industry or outdoor operations, you probably use weather forecasts to plan your activities. However, by using a weather and wind speed app, you can get accurate and real-time data.

Forecasts have two major limitations:

  • Weather forecasts give you information for broad geographic regions and do not reflect the conditions in specific locations. For example, terrain features and buildings cause localised wind patterns that are impossible to predict and must be measured.
  • The data provided by weather forecasts are for time intervals, not a continuous stream of measurements. As a result, short-duration events such as wind gusts are not reflected. You could hire someone to keep track of hourly weather forecasts all day long, and it would make no difference due to how fast wind gusts occur.

Overall, weather forecasts are general, inaccurate and slow-paced. They do not deliver reliable data for your business decisions, providing at best a rough idea of what to expect. More importantly, you cannot guarantee safe conditions for staff members working outdoors based on weather forecasts alone.

Do you need to be at a computer to see the information you need?

Useful data is best measured by monitoring weather conditions on-site and continuously. This means integrating the system with a platform that can be accessed by your staff at any time. You also get a data log that can be used to justify missed deadlines in weather-sensitive business sectors like construction. No such data exists if you have managed the entire process based on forecasts.

Break free from your desk and make decisions on the go with a wind speed app

The smartphone has become a basic business tool in the modern world that we use every day to make our lives easier. The same concept can be applied to weather monitoring, where integration with an app offers you a wide range of benefits:

  • You can check weather conditions across multiple sites in a single screen, regardless of the geographic distances.
  • Configure automatic alarms to notify your staff when dangerous weather conditions are detected. In an emergency you will be notified immediately, allowing you to react fast and minimise weather-related damage.
  • Data are summarised, colour-coded and arranged in graphs and formats that are intuitive and easy to understand. The learning curve for a weather monitoring solution is minimal when a smartphone app is deployed with it.

Although remote access for weather monitoring systems is nothing new, in many cases it is only possible to view the data gathered from a few dedicated computers. Unfortunately, this configuration is useless away from office hours or when nobody is looking at the screen. Smartphone access eliminates this hurdle, ensuring that information reaches you anywhere and at any time.

Another advantage of combining a weather monitoring system with a smartphone application is that hardware expenses are greatly reduced. Instead of having to purchase a dedicated server and screen for the system, it integrates with smartphones. With WINDCRANE, our data storage and aggregation are managed in a cloud server, sparing you from investing in expensive IT infrastructure.

How you can simplify decision making in construction projects

The construction industry is a great example of how a smartphone application can simplify weather-related decisions. Project managers rarely have time sit idly in front of a screen, since they have to attend meetings and projects to visit. Construction can be very unpredictable, and many of these meetings and site visits aren’t even scheduled.

For a construction project manager with such a hectic agenda, checking the weather is likely to become a secondary priority. However, if project sites are equipped with wind monitoring systems connected to a smartphone app, construction managers can check site conditions with just a few clicks. They’re then able to quickly relay instructions to the staff on site. If weather became dangerous at a specific location, the project manager is immediately notified, along with any other staff members with access to the smartphone app.

The WINDCRANE wind speed app

All WINDCRANE systems come factory-configured with a smartphone application that displays live weather data. When you purchase and install a new unit, it will become visible in your wind speed app right away with no additional configuration needed. Should you require a more detailed breakdown of weather data, you can access the WINDCRANE web portal. The portal gives you access to customisable charts and graphs. All the information is stored in a cloud-based server, which means you keep the data if a weather monitoring unit is lost in an accident.