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winter-sports-safety-skiing.jpgWinter sports such as skiing and mountaineering provide a high-adrenaline experience, but they are inherently risky. These sports are often carried out in very cold and windy environments that are isolated from local healthcare facilities.

Do you take part in extreme sports such as mountaineering or skiing? Or perhaps you offer these kinds of activities at your own facility?

When it comes to determining location safety for winter sports, wind speed and temperature are the main factors that you should consider. Keep in mind that fast wind at low temperature feels much colder, and removes more body heat that calm wind at the same temperature. Overall, the weather is a significant risk factor for winter sports safety, especially when low temperature and strong winds combine to create a chilling effect.

A solution for mountain resorts and mountaineering camps is to deploy weather monitoring systems. These devices provide enhanced safety for visitors since they are capable of tolerating cold, harsh weather.


WINDCRANE is a tough and accurate weather monitoring solution with ice-resistant sensors that can operate at temperatures as low as -20°C. Lower-temperature versions are available on demand.

Field tests have proven the resilience of our technology in some of the
harshest environments on Earth; NASA successfully deployed a weather station with our technology that studied microscopic life in the frozen lakes of Antarctica.

The system comes equipped with an anemometer that provides 2% accuracy from 8 to 200 km/h and can be ordered with a broad range of sensor inputs. Including, additional anemometer, wind vane, temperature probe, pyranometer (solar radiation) and rain collector amongst others.


Other than offering high performance, WINDCRANE is a plug-and-play, user-friendly solution. The kit enables you to deploy many interconnected units with just a few clicks.

The system is complemented by a sophisticated a mobile application. The app provides a real-time snapshot of weather conditions and warnings when the weather becomes dangerous. In mountain resorts and mountaineering camps, you can enable the system for visitors to use it with their smartphones. This enables them to keep track of live weather conditions regardless of their location, as long as they have a GSM- or GPRS-capable mobile device.

WINDCRANE is the best weather monitoring solution on the market for ensuring winter sports safety. The device is designed to tolerate sub-zero temperatures, strong winds and ice formation. WINDCRANE also provides ease of use and an intuitive mobile application.

WINDCRANE is brought to you by Logic Energy, an industry leader in weather and energy monitoring. Logic Energy has more than a decade of experience in monitoring and smart data solutions for live weather monitoring.

Our solution is more than a simple weather monitoring kit. WINDCRANE is an integrated solution at hardware and software level. The device is backed up by our cloud data centres to provide unlimited storage capacity and data redundancy, eliminating the risk of losing information.






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