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Wind Safety at Big EuroVision Event in Liverpool 2023

photo credit: TBI Media

Impact Production Services (IPS), a supplier to the events industry based in Milton Keynes, supplied a custom stage and various other supporting structures for the Big Eurovision Welcome in Liverpool, UK.

The event took place in front of St George’s Hall with a live audience of 25,000 people. It is a very windy location and safety against adverse weather conditions was the top priority.

The structures were integrated with Windcrane’s wind data to assist with safety and planning.

The 2023, 67th Eurovision Song Contest was recorded for TV, and featured notable performers.

Photo by TBI Media

The staging required design considerations that catered to both the camera, a large audience and visibility of weather conditions that could affect the performance.


Ensuring safety and real-time monitoring, IPS installed Windcrane dataloggers and anemometers on the structures, granting the onsite standby riggers and production team access to crucial wind data through the Windcrane Go app.

  • By utilizing the WINDCRANE, event organizers had access to up-to-date wind information allowing them to accurately make informed decisions.

  • The WINDCRANE Go app has programmable alerts that can be installed on key personnel's smartphones. In the event of hazardous weather conditions being detected, immediate action can be taken, effectively preventing accidents or mitigating potential damages.

  • If the event needed to be cancelled due to inclement weather, the data recorded by WINDCRANE allows organizers to handle claims more efficiently and avoid expensive legal disputes by relying on the comprehensive data collected.

The logistical challenges were significant due to the location's tight space, filled with historic steps, war memorials, and lamp posts and posed a unique set of obstacles. This makes it difficult to predict the path and strength of the wind in key areas without the proper equipment. Using Windcrane there was reassurance for safety precautions against hazardous winds and a recorded reliable weather log.

Photo by TBI Media

‘Windcrane was especially handy with the new Go app, we were able to set different wind speed alert notifications for different sites, and whilst this event was taking place in Liverpool (which was quite a windy location, and so we had structures all rated for 21m/s) we could also keep an eye on some other projects in other parts of the country – for example we also had a couple of structures in place for a film premiere in London which would have been at 18m/s – and I could keep an eye on everything from my desk in Milton Keynes.’ 

Tom Warden, Marketing and Health & Safety Manager

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