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Aircraft are particularly vulnerable to turbulent winds during take-off and landing, where proximity with the ground leaves no space for error. Air turbulence at high altitude is also dangerous. However, the risk is reduced because the pilot has more time to regain control of the plane after a strong wind.


aviation-safety-jet-landing.jpgIn airports and airfields, weather forecasts do not provide enough precision to manage air traffic; a weather monitoring system such as WINDCRANE is required on-site to provide a live snapshot of wind conditions. Monitoring visibility is also important: volcanic ash, smoke, clouds and other similar conditions can complicate take-off and landing.

Wind speed and direction change by the minute and general data from weather stations does not reflect site-specific conditions. The WINDCRANE Max monitoring system has a broad range of features that allow it to increase airport and airfield safety:

  • A single WINDCRANE Max unit can be equipped with four wind speed sensors and two wind direction sensors. This provides a precise snapshot of wind conditions at all times.
  • 8 additional sensor inputs are available, for any other metrics required by air traffic controllers.
  • WINDCRANE provides a high measurement accuracy and can be used with most 3rd party industrial sensors.
  • The unit can be self-powered with a solar panel if there is no nearby power supply.
  • An IP67 enclosure makes WINDCRANE dust-tight and waterproof, allowing it to provide airport weather monitoring even under the harshest conditions.

WINDCRANE comes with a mobile application that can be configured with alarms and automatic notifications. Key airport staff can be notified immediately when dangerous conditions are detected. And as a result, allowing a timely response and reducing the likelihood of an accident.


Thanks to is reliability and versatility, WINDCRANE has been deployed in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. The combination of high speed, low altitude and extreme manoeuvres made it necessary to deploy a high-precision weather monitor. With a live snapshot of weather conditions, the event organisers could take informed decisions and minimise risks for pilots and spectators.

WINDCRANE builds on the decade-long track record of Logic Energy, who are experts in both hardware and software, providing integrated monitoring solutions that meet IEC 61400 wind monitoring requirements. Our systems have been deployed in the most demanding industries, including construction, transportation and power generation.




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