Accelerate Time To Market With An IoT OEM Partnership

What are the benefits for a manufacturer in the construction sector?

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands to all types of devices and business sectors, construction equipment manufacturers will face a key challenge.

Cranes and equipment must become compatible with IoT services, but software development is not part of their core business. A viable option is following the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) approach, which has been highly successful in the automotive and computer industries.

Crane manufacturers and other equipment suppliers can partner with a company specialised within Internet-enabled electronics and cloud software who becomes their OEM technology provider.

Although each manufacturer could develop their own hardware and software in theory, it can also be complex, consuming large amounts of capital, time and skilled labour and a distraction to core business. Outsourcing that aspect to an OEM provider is, in most cases, a smarter business decision.

The Advantages of Outsourcing

  • When construction equipment manufacturers work with an OEM partner they gain the reliability of an established data platform and the technical assistance of experts in their field.
  • Avoid the hassle of developing their own platform from zero and training/recruiting technical staff.
  • Benefit from the yearly growth and innovation of their OEM partner.
  • Platform upgrades can be rolled out seamlessly and ‘behind the scenes’ as soon as they are developed.

Another advantage of working with an IoT and cloud computing partner is utilising the software as a service (SaaS) model. The platform is hosted and managed by the OEM software partner which means the client does not have to worry about investing in expensive servers, software licenses and their respective strict data backup and security standards.


Key elements of Smart Cloud Platform Service

Simplified, a complete IoT platform is composed of various core services of Device management, Connectivity management, Data management and Applications. Having all of these capabilities available from a single source with a single supplier/partner relationship provides manufacturers with access to tried and tested technologies in a way that enables them to scale up, launch new services to customers quickly and do so  in a very cost effective manner.

Device management is an essential capability on any platform because it provides over the air (OTA) or remote access to upgrade hardware and software on site. Monitoring signal and battery/power are also beneficial capabilities.

Connectivity management. Reliable network connectivity is vital to any IoT enabled device and service. Manufacturers can use their own network provider supplier but this can be counter-productive and very time consuming. Most IoT device and platform providers have already established relationships with carriers and manage this function via a central portal, seamlessly linking with their device management functions and offering a service to support all connections.

Capture, organise and convert the data into something meaningful. An established end to end platform service will always have a robust data management function, allowing vast amounts of data to be logged and analysed simultaneously from thousands and hundreds of thousands of connected devices in real time.

Applications are the core of any IoT service, enabling the data collected from sensors to be turned into something of value and displayed in a format that makes sense of the information. An IoT platform should be flexible enough to enable smooth integration directly between applications, analytics and any other software.

WINDCRANE OEM services will BENEFIT manufacturers and service providers who require the following:

  • Integration of precise wind monitoring calculations into their software/platform
  • A tried and tested high quality hardware device for monitoring wind, weather, power, voltage, battery etc.
  • An extremely low power and efficient remote GSM datalogger.
  • Cloud to cloud connections and software development.
  • A secure and high spec data platform for hosting and storing crucial data.
  • A hardware and software solution that can be used globally.

Part of our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service is to bring our expertise in wind and remote monitoring solutions to your products and services.

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