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Wind Challenges: Safety Planning in Greenwich Construction

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WOLFF cranes and WINDCRANE aid Mace in reaching new heights at Greenwich Peninsula transformation.

Mace is building the following residential towers:

Block A - 11 Storeys, 86 Apartments
Block B - 19 Storeys, 151 Apartments
Block C - 11 Storeys, 66 Apartments
Block D - 16 Storeys, 128 Apartments

Wolffkran has provided Mace with four luffing tower cranes model WOLFF 355B’s, specified for the magnitude of this project.




Greenwich Peninsula faces challenges. Strong winds can impact construction and safety. Additionally, London's tall buildings create wind vortexes.

To address these challenges, the cranes are fitted with WINDCRANE, a remotely accessible wind monitoring system providing live, historical and forecast wind speed data to everyone simultaneously involved in the project.

WINDCRANE also provides the crane's power consumption data, to assist with sustainable environmental decisions.


Lifting Operation Manager at Mace, Martin Booker said:

‘This is a great tool for safety and to help me improve the planning of operations with the WINDCRANE height forecast. I monitor the wind conditions from my phone at any time. It allows me to bring the crane operators down when the wind becomes too strong and I can safely and confidently send them back up when we are ready.

The historical data allows us to prove the winded off time when we have been unable to work, when you can prove it in black and white then it leaves no room for disputes. I rely on the WINDCRANE app everyday, especially when working at 63m.’

Do you need to measure and record wind speed? 

Windcrane has compiled various kits depending on your project application, visit:

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