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Digital Transformation In The Construction Sector
And Future Proofing Your Business

Capture, organise and convert data into something of value

We are now surrounded by so much data that knowing what to do with it is one of the biggest challenges in every industry. In 2017, published an article was published by The Economist saying that data is now a more valuable resource than oil. Since then, the race has been on for practical, effective ways of gathering and using data to gain a competitive advantage.

The construction industry has as much need for instant, reliable data. This means that organising and using your data wisely is a vital part of future proofing your business. To achieve this, it is important to understand what digital transformation is all about and how you can benefit from a modern approach that draws out the maximum value. 

What is digital transformation?

This is the process of introducing new, digital technology to solve existing problems and create interesting new opportunities. It is a fast and frequently changing area where exciting new ideas can make a huge impact in very little time, rendering old ways of working out-dated in the blink of an eye.

By developing and utilising the latest digital tools, we can receive crucial benefits like improved data output and greater connectivity between areas. Therefore, digital transformation is something that every business in the construction sector needs to be aware of. No more taking unnecessary risks, you can now adopt useful technology to evolve your business in a positive way.

In most cases, there is no need for people in the business to become experts in the technology use, as digital transformation can be achieved by selecting and using the most suitable third-party tools. Instead, they can concentrate on understanding what information they need and what to do with it.


What are the benefits of cloud connected data in the construction sector? And how can it future proof your business?

In recent years, we have seen more companies in the crane and construction sector making the switch to cloud connected devices and services to manage their data. This is because of a number of benefits that can be gained by embracing this way of working.

  • Internal reporting time is reduced and possible disputes side-stepped by feeding data from various sources into a single database in the cloud and allowing shared access to all parties
  • Real-time information and greater visibility into a company’s operations provide a new level of transparency
  • Broadens communication and collaboration anywhere on site and on any device with an internet connection
  • Manufacturers can look to expand into global markets by using a hardware and software solution that can be used globally
  • Allows decision-makers to predict the demands of the future today
  • Safety risks can be identified and managed far earlier than before
  • A smarter approach to resource management, as there are fewer unknown factors when planning for projects
  • Removes the uncertainty and delays that can be caused through information not being available to the right people exactly when they need it 

Optimising construction processes by providing an API. What is an API?

An API is an Application Programming Interface. This is part of the software that allows you to interact with it to easily get the information that you need. It then speaks to other programs or parts of the software to bring you back the results that matter most to you.

By integrating with different cloud providers, it collates genuinely useful and meaningful data at lightning-speed. In this way, using technology with an API becomes an important part of business as usual processes, as it makes diverse data accessible and understandable.     

The other benefit of this is that you get a set of that diverse information you need in a way that suits you and your business. This could mean getting your results in an easy-to-read format such as a graph or other visually appealing display. 

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The process of getting started with digital transformation

As we have seen, digital transformation is now an essential part of the industry. Thankfully, starting on this road is more of a gentle evolution rather than a sudden change in everything that you have been doing to date. We can better understand this by looking briefly at an example of a company that is leading the way in this aspect.

It is reported by WINDCRANE (supplier of remote wind speed monitoring systems to the construction sector) that a growing number of cranes and construction companies are introducing their cloud data service into their daily operations and integrating it with their own internal reporting software. This provides valuable data for safety risks, increasing lifting time and forecasting wind risks in projects. Instant and accurate site specific data has been proven to reduce planning time and more importantly the level of disputes associated with downtime. With their platform also providing API access and the ability to visualise the data from every crane and cloud connected device on any site worldwide, more and more manufacturers are associated in the integration of such systems to their own cloud services.

Partner relationships such as these provide manufacturers with access to tried and tested technologies in a way that enables them to scale up, launch new services to customers quickly and do so in a very cost effective manner.
The WINDCRANE IoT platform is flexible enough to enable smooth integration directly between applications, analytics and any other software.

Quote from Lisa Cairns, Commercial Director - “One of the key benefits of cloud based data systems is the ability to roll out software upgrades seamlessly and ‘behind the scenes’ as soon as they are developed with no disruption to the customer.”

Starting to transform a construction business for the digital is no longer a daunting or difficult task. There are WINDCRANE customers who have already discovered this and are currently receiving accurate, real-time wind speed data around the clock. No matter what other challenges you face each day, using the right technology to overcome them is now available to you at a click of a button.




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