CASE STUDY – Artist group Terraform on wind management

Art installations, wind and public events!!

“Monitoring the wind speed enables us to react quickly to changing weather conditions at the location of our installations and implement conditions laid out in the site specific wind management plan. This ensures that in the event of very high winds the public area remains safe.” says Mark (Chesney) Robinson, Terraform.

Terraform, are an artist group, formed by a collaboration of creatives with a background in music, festivals, art, corporate events and lighting. Their art installation being very prominent pieces at public events.



They specialise in large scale outdoor installations and light works, having previously created ‘Cubehenge’ at Glastonbury and ‘Starburst’ at The Big Chill festival. They have also constructed monumental LED letters for the Electric Daisy Carnival’s ‘Cosmic Meadow’ and an intimate installation on the green of King’s College, Cambridge.

Terraform needed to monitor wind speed on all of their large scale temporary artworks installed in public places. Erratic wind behaviour and wind gusts in town centres and cities can be very dangerous and completely unexpected.

How does the WINDCRANE system benefit you as a business?

“The WINDCRANE mini brings reassurance and peace of mind not only to us as the artists but also to our clients. The online monitoring and the app makes it easy for us to give access to the data to the people who need it. Production mangers for the event, on-site maintenance teams and the client’s themselves can check the wind speed with a click of a button no matter where they are located. This ensures we all can react quickly if needed.”

What key features of the system do you use the most?

“Terraform’s needs are pretty simple, what is the windspeed right now! The WINDCRANE mini does this simply, accurately and with the added benefit of the online access to the data.”