CASE STUDY – Undercover Events – Wind management at Wembley Stadium

Undercover Events UK take control of risks at a windy Wembley Stadium

“Having worked at large-scale public venues such as Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium and others, we can reassure our clients that we are capable of delivering the wind management plan and tightly control any wind related risks. It sets us apart from our competitors.”

Roy Strickland, MD, Undercover Events.




Project requirements 

 Undercover Events were contacted by Wembley Stadium to supply over 60 small structures around the concourse for 3 events. The venue required accurate wind speed data for all faces of the stadium -north, east, south and west- allowing a quick response to dangerous weather conditions throughout the events.

One of the main technical challenges was the lack of a power supply at the measurement points. Therefore, the project required a solar powered monitoring solution that could operate for extended periods without an external power source.

The Solution  – WINDCRANE max Solar powered 

  • Equipped with a solar panel, a long-life battery and an IP67 weatherproof enclosure, WINDCRANE Max can generate its own power and operate indefinitely.
  • Each WINDCRANE max system was supplied with a wind speed sensor and installed at each corner of the stadium.
  • When dangerous conditions are detected, the application sends immediate notifications to the app and to key personnel via email.
  • The systems were pre-wired for a simple installation and require no software setup. Data starts feeding to the cloud as soon as the units are powered.

Results Achieved and benefits

The WINDCRANE Max system offered ideal performance features for the Wembley Stadium project.

Undercover Events could keep track of dangerous weather during the 3 events at Wimbledon Stadium remotely. To the relief of Undercover Events, no wind incidents were reported.

“The key feature for us is having wind speed data in real time. Combining this with forecast data, we can pre-plan for event days and react immediately to any wind issues that are not forecast,”

“We can get an exact wind speed instead of relying on general wind speed measurements for the area. By installing monitoring equipment close to our structures, we can ensure that the readings are relevant,”

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