In the not-too-distant past the construction industry was, at times, perceived as being a ‘traditional’ industry, not commonly associated with modern information technologies. However, that’s now changed as the tools and equipment used in the construction process have experienced constant evolution over the past few decades. This development trend applies for lifting operations, where onboard electronics are enhancing safety and improving efficiency.

One area that in which this is particularly pertinent is for managing weather-related risks when operating a crane, says Lisa Cairns, commercial director at WINDCRANE. The company has developed a tower crane wind monitoring system based around a smartphone app. “Information represents value in the modern digital world, and data becomes more valuable if it can travel faster,” Cairns asserts.

“Wind perception is subjective and conditions that seem dangerous for some construction workers may be considered normal by others. In vertical construction, also consider that wind speed can change dramatically from ground level to the highest floor. A reliable assessment of wind conditions is only possible with a direct measurement and project managers can only make accurate decisions if the data is accessible in real or near to real time.”

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