What is Wind Turbulence?

Crane falls due to wind turbulenceThink about chaotic movement, the unstable flow of wind… this is what wind turbulence is. If you’re still not clear, remember the last time you were on an aeroplane and there was turbulence. It’s not a nice experience.

Why is wind turbulence so important in construction?

It’s very simple, assume your hands and arms are the wind, and a small bar of metal is a crane. Continue reading “What is Wind Turbulence?”

Making Streets Safer: Measuring the Effect of Buildings on the Wind

Do you work in a city with tall buildings and skyscrapers? Ever wondered why it can seem so much windier?

When the wind hits a tall building head-on, it must go somewhere. Part of it is deflected upwards and to the sides, but a significant portion flows downward through a phenomenon called the downdraught effect. Continue reading “Making Streets Safer: Measuring the Effect of Buildings on the Wind”

Made in Scotland, Where Quality Counts

Here at WindCrane™, we’re proud of the fact that our wind speed monitors are built in Scotland, where we have some of the best workplace health and safety records in the entire world. Thanks to the efforts of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Scotland and other UK nations have become some of the safest countries in which to work, and this is particularly important in the construction industry. Continue reading “Made in Scotland, Where Quality Counts”

Wind monitoring at festivals, funfairs and other events

Towards the end of March there was a terrible accident that brings home to us just how dangerous wind gusts can be, not just to those who work in the construction trade, but to anybody, in any walk of life.  What should have been a great day out at a fairground in Harlow turned to tragedy as a gust of wind caught a bouncy castle, lifting it at least 15 feet into the air then flipping it over and carrying it across the park where the temporary funfair had been set up. Continue reading “Wind monitoring at festivals, funfairs and other events”

Downtime disputes in the construction sector


Anybody working in the construction industry knows that working at height is one of the most dangerous activities, with statistics showing that most cases of fatal injury or severe injury are as a result of a fall from height. Most countries around the world have health and safety legislation designed to make working as safe as is possible and the regulations will usually involve carrying out a risk assessment before any work at height is undertaken. Continue reading “Downtime disputes in the construction sector”

Dealing with extreme weather and wind gusts

Nobody can have failed to have seen last week’s news about the crane collapse in the USA. It seems that a crew operating a crane on Friday morning noted the wind gusts that accompanied the snow fall and decided that they needed to lower the crane to a more secure level. As the 565 ft. boom on the crane was being lowered workers used a huge counterweight to keep it balanced and ensure that it was lowered slowly. However, this was to no avail and the crane began to topple over then plunged into freefall crashing onto a street below. Continue reading “Dealing with extreme weather and wind gusts”

Red Bull Air Race Chooses WINDCRANE For Upcoming Championship

We’re pleased to announce that WINDCRANE was recently selected to provide live wind speed data for the Red Bull annual air. “The Red Bull Air Race is a massive public event and we are delighted they chose to use our system,” says Lisa Cairns, Commercial Director at WINDCRANE. “It was important we could offer them a system which was robust, easy to install and could be used across all of their European and International air shows.” Continue reading “Red Bull Air Race Chooses WINDCRANE For Upcoming Championship”