Construction Site Safety at the Windiest Time of the Year

There is a basic rule that applies to construction site safety. Preventing accidents is much cheaper than fixing the damage. And when the consequences affect human beings, the damage can be irreversible. The best contractors in the world know this, and that is why they deploy risk management as a company-wide process. Continue reading “Construction Site Safety at the Windiest Time of the Year”

5 Uses for an Anemometer when Measuring Wind Speed Remotely

There are many anemometer uses possible today including remote wind measurement. Anemometers have a broad range of applications, and they are necessary for safe operation in many heavy industries and outdoor settings. This article gives you an overview of 5 anemometer uses for outdoor applications where remote wind monitoring greatly enhances safety. Continue reading “5 Uses for an Anemometer when Measuring Wind Speed Remotely”

Weather and Agriculture – WINDCRANE Applications

Weather and agriculture - A solutionBridging the gap between management and field operations

One of the main challenges in the agricultural industry is bridging management decisions and field operations. Agriculture involves harvesting crops in remote places, and it is only possible to take decisions based on real-time data if a reliable monitoring system is in place. Continue reading “Weather and Agriculture – WINDCRANE Applications”

Weather Monitoring for Outdoor Film Sets

The film industry can be very profitable, but it is not free from risks. Like in any occupation, there are factors that must be monitored to provide a safe working environment for staff. Many movie sets are found in outdoor locations, where the weather has an impact on the filming process. There are even times where the plot requires scenes in locations with extreme weather, such as deserts and snowy peaks. Continue reading “Weather Monitoring for Outdoor Film Sets”

Weather Claims and Wind Safety

Anybody working in the construction industry either here in the UK or anywhere else in the world is likely to know that the weather can present us with particular hazards.

While rain, ice and snow are particularly dangerous to work in, we must always be aware that the wind is also likely to make conditions unsafe. In particular, for those who work at height and those who operate access machinery like cranes. Continue reading “Weather Claims and Wind Safety”