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Be Weather Smart

Site specific weather forecasting, continuous oversight and recording of weather data it is essential from planning through to project completion.

Over 70% of the cranes in the UK already have Windcrane. Can your construction projects and cranes afford not to have reliable and accurate recorded wind weather logs?

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WC Report 03.png  Improve planning and operational performance
Use site-specific and height wind forecasting to plan and prepare for the optimal lifting time and avoid weather-related impacts.


WC Report 01.png  Do you suffer from winded-off delays and disputes?
Justify delays caused by wind and be prepared for an extension of time due to harsh weather. Avoid disputes about winded-off periods using accurate wind speed reports specific to your crane. Saving you time, costs and penalties.

WC Report 04.png  Reduce risk and ensure project safety
With constant live wind speed data and safety alerts instantly accessible to all personnel on or off-site.


WC Report 05.png  Enhance efficiency and productivity for your fleet
Manage multiple cranes and users on every project site with access to accurate reliable constant wind data and 24/7 cloud backup.



Trusted by Professionals



Take control - Maximise crane lifting - Save Costs



Protect yourself


Against weather claims and disputes

Reduce liability


Full wind speed historical backup online

Your wind speed records are automatically saved 24/7 live to WINDCRANE Connect platform

Super precise


Complies with IEC 61400 & BSI EN 13000 Standards

Power monitoring reports


Help to determine how much power you need for generators.

Unlimited range


Wireless worldwide coverage with encrypted GSM

Faults preventing 

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Temperature electricals monitoring (hot and cold) and Humidity electrical monitoring

WINDCRANE has an Accuracy of 0.007% and resolution of 0.01m/s

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Windcrane monitoring app


graph.svg Download historical wind speed records per crane & per project 
stars.svg Wind forecast hourly & daily per crane and project 
allert.svg Instant mobile alert wind notifications 
map.svg Live wind map of your cranes & projects 
phone.svg Wind speed measurement with turbulence intensity  
standards.svg Complies with IEC-61400 & BSI EN 13000 wind standards

Worldwide wireless connectivity 



Download the WINDCRANE App

Make more informed decisions by having live wind data from your WINDCRANE system available via any internet connected device.

Experience the peace of mind and convenience of having all of your systems on a single App.

WINDCRANE gives you unlimited data backup and historical wind data.




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Wind & Weather in Construction


  • The UK weather extends project duration by 21% on average, compared with the baseline. One day lost in a £200 million project can cost £250,000 in direct and indirect costs.
  • Over 23% of crane accidents are directly linked to wind and load pressure on cranes
  • Every year many accidents and millions of pounds of lost revenue occurs due to wind on construction sites.
  • Extreme weather was the most commonly cited reason for organisations activating BCM over the last 12 months, identified by 69% of managers. (BCM Business Continuity Management)
  • Typical cost of weather to companies ranges from £10,000 up to £1,000,000




  • 67% of the sector has experienced cost due to weather in the last 3 years.


About Windcrane

WINDCRANE has been measuring and monitoring wind for over 12 years within the wind energy sector with Logic Energy Ltd


Precision & Accuracy

WINDCRANE is accurate to 0.007% and 0.01m/s resolution.

It complies with IC-61400 and BSI EN 13000 wind measurement standards


OEM Services

WINDCRANE can be customised and branded to any technical and corporate requirements



WINDCRANE Max comes with 5 years warranty.

InCrane and mini with 3 years respectively.


WINDCRANE is Logic Energy Ltd Registered company SC323404
VAT GB 911 5572 39
PO Box 26237, Kilmarnock, KA1 9GE, Scotland, UK
Tel +44 (0) 141 585 6496
Fax +44(0) 141 585 6497

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