How accurate is WINDCRANE?

There’re two versions of WINDCRANE, mini and max. They share the same technological design and their accuracy is exactly the same.

WINDCRANE is designed to comply with the IEC-61400, which are the specs for wind turbine standards. Why the IEC-61400? Because they have one of the highest standards for measuring wind speed on and off site. These are better than 1% accuracy and a resolution better than 0.1m/s, also data should be sampled at least at 1Hz.

WINDCRANE is accuracy is better than 0.001% for its wind speed input sensors at low wind speeds and better than 0.0002% accurate for high wind speeds.

How many sensors can I connect to a windcrane system?

There’re two versions of WINDCRANE:

  • WINDCRANE mini can use 1 wind speed sensor
  • WINDCRANE max can use 4 wind speed sensors, 2 wind directions and 8 other generic sensors

Can I connect other weather sensors? If so, how many?

The WINDCRANE max can connect up to a total of 14 sensors. 4 of these wind speed and 2 wind direction

What is the maximum length of cable you should use?

It depends on the cable used and the environment it is going to work with. In general we do not advise more than 100 meters without checking with us first. Cable must be supplied by WINDCRANE

How frequently does the data refresh?

Data is refreshed every 10 minutes with the average wind speed, maximum ever wind speed within the 10 minutes and wind turbulence intensity.

How does the datalogger process the data?

It follows the IEC-61400 standards

Will the GSM communication work on any site?

Any site with GPRS coverage

What is the accuracy of the wind speed sensor that comes with the kit?

The typical accuracy of a generic sensor is between 3-5%. Higher accuracy, ie: better than 1% requires specific calibration before ordering.

Is the wind speed sensor calibrated?

Generic sensors are randomly checked for accuracy, however no report is generated. If you require a calibration certificate, please make sure you request this before ordering.

How does the GSM transfer work?

A connection and data transfer occurs every 10 minutes, giving you live wind speed anywhere.

Can I connect a different wind speed sensor?

Yes, check with WINDCRANE for compatibility and options.

How do you power the windcrane device?

There’re two options:

  • Electrical mains powered (WINDCRANE mini & max)
  • Solar battery powered (WINDCRANE max only)

What fixings are included with the kit?
  • WINDCRANE max comes with U-bolts to hold the enclosure to a tube or wall, brackets and accessories for the anemometer
  • WINDCRANE mini comes with bracket and accessories for the anemometer only.

How long is the cable included in the kit?

The standard length is 20 meters but there’re optional 50 and 100 meters available.

Can I use longer cable? What is the maximum length of cable suitable for this system?

Please check with us first, it is possible under custom order.

Is this system weatherproof?
  • WINDCRANE max is fully IP67 rated to operate outdoors and weatherproof. Both WINDCRANE and sensor.
  • WINDCRANE mini is to be installed indoors or inside the cabin. Anemometer is fully weatherproof.

Can the kit be supplied with a SIM to work worldwide?

Yes, make sure to let us know destination country before ordering.

How do I know if my WINDCRANE device is offline?

Download the WINDCRANE App from App Store or Google Play


What are my options for accessing data from my device?

You can access summarised data via the WINDCRANE App or via the WINDCRANE web management portal.

How do I login to the online management portal?

How do I access historical data from a specific date and time?

Can I download my data?


Can I download a chart which shows 1 day or 1 weeks data?


If I connect more than one sensor to WINDCRANE, can I view them all on the mobile phone app?

Yes but only on the individual WINCRANE screen, not on the fleet overview. The fleet overview always shows the first anemometer only.

Where do I see average wind speed and maximum wind speed?

What is the difference between average wind speed and maximum wind speed?

Average wind speed is the mean average during a 10 minutes period

Maximum wind speed is the maximum wind speed ever recorded within 1 second during the 10 minutes period.

How do I renew my data licence every year?

You will be sent a reminder and also your expiry date will flash next to the device to be renewed. Simply contact windcrane –

If I have more than one device, is there a feature that shows me all devices on one page?

Yes, via the App or via the portal.

What technical support is available?

There is technical support available from the windcrane team via the following email address:

Can I set up alerts that tell me when wind speed is over a certain level?

Yes, custom per site if you require, video for the management portal and display setup for the App

Can I change the measurements from mph to kmh?


What is the warranty of WINDCRANE?

WINDCRANE comes in two versions: mini and max.

WINDCRANE mini has a 3 years warranty for the WINDCRANE unit

WINDCRANE max has a lifetime warranty for the WINDCRANE unit

Sensors are provided by a external supplier to us and they come with the standard 1 year warranty.